Hog Roast Harpenden

The busy rural town of Harpenden is packed with history and culture, and it was with great pleasure that Chef and Griddle catered here recently. This event was a private party in the hosts’ huge garden, where they were already in the process of setting up some marquees when the hog roast chef and I arrived with our bespoke hog roasting machine. We were given a spot under a designated marquee where two large tables waited for us to prepare the requested buffet, and we pulled the machine to its place to begin.

Having been a caterer for years, I can say that one of the best things about hog roast machines available from Chef and Griddle is that they are surprisingly easy to move. Usually, just the movement of catering equipment such as kitchen units and warming counters is such a fuss, and they certainly can’t be brought outside. These fantastic hog roasting machines are fitted with wheels and handles specifically so they can be pulled over tarmac, gravel and even grass with little fuss. This is also a great asset if the British weather does what it does best and forces the party to relocate; pulling a roasting hog out of the rain is easy thanks to those wheels and has saved many a roast from being spoilt.

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The entire hog for this hog roast Harpenden party would take at least six hours to cook, which was why we had arrived around lunch time so it would be ready by the time guests arrived. The chef and I used this time to season the meat, place it on the spit, and also prepare the buffet food.

One of our more popular catering options is our ‘hog in a roll’ choice; and for this hog roast Harpenden event this was exactly what we were making. Stacking up paper plates and disposable cutlery, I prepared soft floury rolls and a selection of sauces for our freshly carved pork in rolls. These are great for garden parties, and guests often mingle whilst chomping on the delicious snacks.

The buffet consisted of a variety of treats; mini quiches, pizzas, sausage rolls, freshly prepared salads and sauces, sausages, chicken. The desert table would be set up a little later on, where cheesecake, trifle, fresh fruit salads and lemon tart would sit beside strawberry compote, fresh yogurt and cream. All food for this hog roast Harpenden party had been previously discussed with the host prior to the event, so we were already clued up on the need for a few vegetarian options too.

While we prepared the food, our host filled us in on some of the fascinating history of the town. Just a short while away from where we are cooking is common often called ‘No Man’s Land’ where the battle of St Albans was fought in part during the Wars of the Roses. Apparently it was also the venue of choice for a notorious highwaywoman who is said to have appeared in spirit form to those walking their dogs on dark nights. Thankfully we had no chance of attracting any ghostly apparitions with our fantastic spread of gorgeous food, and after the guests started to arrive the garden was soon bustling with life.

Our hog roast chef carved off delicious cuts of pork and crackling for every guest’s plate, and soon enough the buffet was being well and truly enjoyed. When I put out the desserts, guests who I had heard mutter they couldn’t eat any more suddenly appeared to have found room for a little extra. We tidied up a little bit as the entertainment began, and the chef carved off all the remaining pork and set it out with sauces and bread rolls for any peckish guests. Then it was simply a case of pulling our machine and all of our rubbish out of the garden and into our van, leaving the host and his guests to party the night away.

If you fancy having a go at cooking a hog yourself, you can hire the machine only from us. When you chose hog roast hire Harpenden from Chef and Griddle, we will deliver a machine to you with a bottle of gas, and we can provide the prepared pig for you if you need it. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned hog roaster, you will find our machines easy to use, and you’re not just limited to pork for your hog roast Harpenden event; with our supplied attachments, you can roast multiple chickens, legs of ham, beef, lamb; and even vegetables, sausages and burgers. Much better than trying to poke the embers in a barbeque!

Ring or emails us now and see what we can bring to your event with hog roast hire Harpenden!