Hog Roast Hatfield

The actual roots of the practice of hog roasting are hard to trace, but there is no doubt that the simple, effective method of cooking has been used for centuries and almost certainly in a historical place like Hatfield. Perhaps most recognizable as a medieval practice, spit roasting is an excellent way of cooking for a great deal of people at once. In medieval times, huge hogs would be cooked over open flames for hours to feed hundreds of people at large social gatherings and banquets. It must have taken some real elbow grease to keep turning that spit for hours!

We have spent many years in this business and are proud to call ourselves industry professionals. We are always happy to cater for any event; big or small! We can offer full catering packages with waiting staff, front of house staff and catering assistants (this is perfect for large events, so that you don’t have to get your catering needs from different places). We also cater for much smaller events, such as post-match snacks and small, intimate parties. With great food and great service, it’s no wonder we are the leading hog roasting company in the country.

We have decades of experience in the business of hog roasting, and are proud of our roasting machines. They are the result of years of careful design, ironing out all previous flaws and letdowns of previously available machines. We believe our machines make the perfect roast every time, and look stylish while they’re at it.

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The delight on our customers faces never gets old. The sight of a full roasted hog turning slowly on a spit, or simmering perfectly in our tray roasting machine, is theatrical and not easily forgotten. It really adds a certain spark to events, and the scent of the meat wafting across the room or a garden really livens the party. Nothing lifts morale like good food!

At a recent event for hog roast hire Hatfield, we rented a machine and hog roast chef to a couple hosting a large party for their daughter. The garden was chosen as the main area for the party, and when the machine was delivered marquees were being put up in the garden. After a spot on the patio was reserved for the hog roasting machine, our chef got to work right away. Preparing the whole pig on the spit and starting off the cooking process, which would take about 6 hours (this is why we often arrange to deliver our hog roasting machines before an event begins) and preparing a buffet from scratch. The hosts had already made their own buffet selection, but we thought the addition of our soft bread rolls, freshly-made apple sauce, potato salad and fresh salads would really compliment out fine carved pork.

Though at this hog roast hire Hatfield event the party was held outside, a hog roast is great for indoor or outdoor events. As long as a room is well ventilated, a hog roasting machine can simply be pulled up ramps or across carpet with the help of the strong wheels and fitted handles. This makes a hog roast perfect for corporate events or smaller parties, and also for large events held inside.

The chosen catering option was also one of our more popular ones; simply, pork in a roll! Delicious, just carved park placed in a soft floury bun, with your choice of sauces and salad. Perfect for summer afternoons, chilly winter nights, and pretty much any social occasion!

We are proud to support local farmers and use only the freshest ingredients in our catering options and this hog roast Hatfield event was no different. Today, it’s all too easy to get hold of processed and inferior food; we believe that superior food should be just as easily attainable and our food makes it easy. When you hire us to cater for your large event, you can hire our staff to carve a hog roast, serve it up, serve it to guests and tidy up afterwards. All our staff are trained to deliver an excellent culinary experience.

After all the guests were fed and picking at the buffet, our chef carved off all the remaining pork and crackling and set it out on the buffet tables along with a few more rolls and sauces, for anyone needing sobering up later! We don’t like to waste food, and we are often told our catering menus are so delicious we need have no worries about that! As always, our chef tidied up his mess and simply pulled the machine back into the van. No fuss.

So get in touch with us now and let us make the catering at your hog roast Hatfield event a success!