Hog Roast Heckfield

Hog roast Heckfield combine old school cooking methods with modernised equipment bringing hog roast cooking up to date, you may know it as rotisserie style cooking or spit roasting, its a method of cooking that has been around a very long time but with a modern cooker doing all the hard work while you sit back and relax, enjoying the occasion as it should be. Hog roast cooking is the fresh way to cater for events of any size giving a taste of originality and a touch of class not usually found with today's catering firms, we cook the food fresh on site ready for consumption when you want as our cooking equipment can simply keep the food warm when cooked giving you the freedom and no problems with the food going off or stale as it often does with conventional catering companies.

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Hog roast Heckfield are the number one catering firm of this kind in the region and we endeavour to give the best customer service with great food on top, mixed with originality its the best way to get the most out of your catering. We can cater for all events large or small and we always give the same top class service no matter what the event is, we want to give you the food your special day deserves and once you have tried our quality service you will use us again and again for all your future catering functions. A hog roast cookers works well in any setting, its a great all rounder and can fit in well with any theme or setting with a variety of produce on our menu not just pork, here are some of the great types of produce cooked on our roasters. Lamb is a beautiful, soft meat that can often be spoiled by over cooking on standard ovens, well our ovens are very different and can cook any meat slowly making sure the meat stays tender and moist the way lamb should be served and if you combine the lamb with minted seasoning it makes the taste seem completely different to normal style cooked lamb. Fish can also be cooked to a high standard on our roasters and we have a great range of fish available though the usual types are trout or salmon, fresh as can be the cookers slowly cook the fish so it literally falls off the bone, fish is a good way to cater for the more elegant events such as a wedding or anniversary, if you have another fish in mind just ask one of our friendly team and we will see if we can provide it for you, if you have your own contact then feel free to order your own produce and we will cook it for you.

Turkey and chicken are also on our menu as we know how fantastic these white meat alternatives can be when given the hog roast cooker treatment, also good for smaller events when a full pig would be too much. Wild game can also be done being of similar size to chicken and turkey, again it takes the meats to another level, if we haven't mentioned what you want then again feel free to contact our team with any ideas you might have. The produce we use is only sourced locally ensuring the produce of choice arrives on your plate in the freshest condition possible, this only adds to the quality of the food. Hog roast hire Heckfield can also hire you one of our quality roasters if you fancy giving hog roasting a go yourself, we have the best available equipment for you to choose from and once you have seen how simple our roasters are to use you will be hailed as chef of the year when you serve up honey roast pork to your hungry guests. Hog roast hire Heckfield have the best staff here to help you with any problems or queries you feel might become an issue when you try hog roasting but fear not as our experts are on hand to give you the confidence to try hosting your hog roast banquet. We only hire the best staff and they are all qualified in the catering industry we only hire the best to ensure you receive the best, so with all these great reasons to try hog roasting give us a call today, one of our friendly team is waiting to answer your call now, you will not be disappointed.