Hog Roast Hemel Hempstead

For hog roast hire Hemel Hempstead, as with anywhere else, the importance of good food is growing all the time. When you want food at your special event, the quality and taste is paramount. We know all too well that poor catering can really put a dampener on an event, which is why we pride ourselves in being the best of the best. And with a hog roast, that’s what you get.

Given that the history of Hemel Hempstead stretches as far back as Roman times and there are plenty of artefacts to prove this, there is no doubt that at one point or other the people of the village have been fed by hog roasting. Perhaps most popularly depicted in medieval times, the practice was so often used because of the ease of feeding huge numbers of people by the cooking of one item. A whole roasting hog is just as much of a grand sight today as it was back then.

Want something different? The sight of a whole hog roasting to perfection on a slowly turning spit is as different as you can get! It’s no wonder we are already receiving orders for hog roast events, and our client list is always growing. We never get bored of the delight on guests faces when they see the theatrical sight of a hog roast, and that satisfied look of contentment after they have had their fill of our delicious catering options.

For a hog roast Hemel Hempstead, you can hire one of our machines to use yourself. Though it may sound daunting, we hire out our machines to private users every day and always receive glowing reviews about the ease of use. Years and years of experience in hog roasting has led us to design what we believe is the ultimate hog roasting machine, which is also straightforward to use. Now instead of prodding at a barbeque, you can cook delicious pork for your guests and not have to worry about burning sausages.

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We will deliver the machine to you and a hog too if you can’t source one yourself; we source our pigs from local farms and are proud to offer such high quality. We will also issue the machine with a bottle of gas; you don’t need to plug anything in or trip over any extension cables. If you’re a newbie, you can follow the detailed instructions to get your hog roast going, but you will be surprised at how simple it is. Simply season the pork as you wish, score it, and start cooking. The powerful motor which turns the spit is capable of turning some of the real giants of the pig world, and the long method of cooking ensures that each part of the meat is cooked to sheer perfection. And when you’re done, we come back and pick it up. It’s that simple.

And you don’t need to stick to pork either; hire our catering or our machines, and you can have pretty much any meat cooked for you in style.

If you are looking for full catering for your hog roast Hemel Hempstead event, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer the hire of a hog roasting machine; we can get you a chef, catering assistant, front of house staff, and waiting staff. And we don’t just cook pork; our roasting machines can cook pretty much any meat you can think of. Lamb, beef, chickens, fowl; we can cook it with the help of specially-designed attachments. And we make delicious menus too. Tempting starters, delicious mains and some decadent puddings alongside the hog roast mean we cover all bases. The menus you see on here are just a taste of what we have to offer; if there’s something you especially want let us know. If you need a vegetarian option, let us know.

We have catered for events with as little as ten people, all the way into the hundreds. A hog roast can suit any occasion and any amount of people. We’ve even hired out multiple machines at the same event so guests can have a wider choice of meat. From our simple ‘hog in a roll’ catering option, to our varied menus, we have the simple and extravagant covered. Even if you want something very different for your menu, we will make it happen.

So why not give us a ring or send us an email now, and find out what we can do to make the catering at your hog roast hire Hemel Hempstead event something to remember.