Hog Roast Hexham

A hog roast in Hexham has a certain ring to it, not surprising then hog roast caterer has been making all the culinary noise the over the last few years, with review after review piled one after the other, praising our hog roast Hexham for their divine taste experience.

When it comes to pigging out at a hog roast Hexham event celebration our name, chef and griddle, speaks for itself.

Spit roasting and hog roasting local reared pigs, using our own machines to do so, we’ve developed a refined hog roast taste that’s well known in the catering industry. Here at chef and griddle not only do we roast our pigs in a hog tray but we are able to create a very traditional method of cooking buy using a spit attachment on our spit roasting machines which creates the rotating of the pig on the machine whilst it is cooking away. A lamb spit roast is just as grand as cooking the pig on the machine creating the same visual effects as the pork and your guests will be just as impressed.

And the hog roast Hexham spit meat options really are just the beginning because what you can choose to accompany a hog roast or any spit roast is an absolute plethora of genius dishes. We carry lip smackingly good canapés, starters, sides and desserts, all of which make our hog roast experience a richer one than any other. That’s if you want the extras we can provide, our roast pig is so good that plenty of our clients are more than satisfied with just that!

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We cater all year round, spit roasting throughout holiday seasons whether Christmas or a regular bank holiday, so when those big event dates roll around you can turn to us and know that we’ll still have our best staff from waitresses to chefs, ready to take on the job of making a hog roast like no other just for you. The hog roasts we make are even better for putting just as much care and emphasis on the other components of our pig roast roll, so that it’s not just cooking properly the best free range pig on our spit roast machines that we’re adamant on, it’s also using the freshest crusty rolls of bread; fresh, chefs made stuffing; and an apple sauce again made from fresh ingredients by a Spitting Pig chef.

If you’re liking the sounds of a Spitting Pig hog roast the best news is that the size and type of your event can never be too big or too small, or too formal or informal. We’ll hog roast your event whether it’s colossal or miniscule in size.

But we aren’t stupid, we know that there are some events out there that are really small and personal and it’s neither economical or desirable to have a professional catering outlet attend to make magnificent food for you, not when you can do it all yourself with a hog roast hire Hexham machine that is!

Yes, you read right, you can hire a machine, for hog roasting or any other type of cooking, today for next to nothing. You don’t need a background, extensive or otherwise, to make perfect use of our hog roast machine, all you need is a head and a pair of arms preferably and you’ll be all set to make a hog roast yourself, for your business or for a party or BBQ, how you use our machines and the period you hire for is entirely up to you. We have hog roast hire Hexham plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The machine hire includes not just a machine but a free service of delivery and machine return, the means to power and use your machine(free bottle of gas) and instruction on how to make a hog roast to really get your taste buds going.

Whichever you choose, call today to line up a free hog roast quote.