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Hillingdon is a suburb with good transport links to the city. The church of St John the Baptist dates from the 17th century and stands on top of Hillingdon hill. James Corden was born in Hillindon; he is best known for his roles in Gavin & Stacey and other BBC comedy series, such as Horne & Corden in which he co-stars with Matthew Horne. Claire Richards, a singer in Steps was also born in Hillingdon and attended school here. Hillingdon was an ancient parish and people have lived in the area since the time of the Domesday Book. Hillingdon isn’t large, but it’s got a big enough population to form a sort of town within itself. It is a friendly, buzzing community and a good place to live and work in. I get to see rather a lot of Hillingdon in my line of work.

I’m a hog roast caterer, catering in and around Hillingdon. If you’re looking for hog roast Hillingdon or hog roast hire Hillingdon, you’ve come to the right team. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and we care about what we do – because we love what we do. With hog roast Hillingdon you’ll get decorations, serviettes and bread rolls, and a bone-free hog roast with the crackling that everyone likes. We use spices, applesauce and a few other special ingredients to bring out the flavour; all our hog roasts are prepared according to our own recipe here at hog roast Hillingdon. If you’re looking for hog roast hire Hillingdon, you can expect a great service and high quality hog roast machines. We’re all about great customer service here at hog roast hire Hillingdon.

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Hog roast catering is fun, and eye opening. And it feels worthwhile because you’re providing fun times for people; great lunches, fantastic nights out, perfect celebrations. I’ve catered everything from weddings to corporate events, and hired to local bands and community groups. Today we were hiring a hog roast machine to a college. It was for a celebration lunch for the faculty; the college had won an award or something.

We drove over in the van, unloaded the hog roast machine and wheeled the machine into the reception. Then with a member of staff showing us the way, we wheeled it into a large conference room and I plugged it in. Two of the faculty were there and more people – some administrative staff and a couple of lecturers – came in. I got talking to one of the lecturers who taught a food hygiene vocational course, and he asked if one of our team would think about giving a 15 minute talk during one of his lectures. Leigh is the chatty one and she’s got bags of confidence, and so I suggested that she do it. She was delighted to accept.

After that we returned to our base and I caught up on some paperwork. I also read up on how to blog. I know that the best advice is just to get going, but if I’m going to blog my memoirs of hog roast catering, I may as well do it properly. My friend Chenita is a blogger and she’s been blogging for years, but she’s not very good at giving advice.

“Write what you love. Write what you know. Write what you want to tell the world,” she says. Which is great if you’re into activism and research and have been blogging for years, but is less helpful when you’re no good with computers and have never written anything before in your life. After I’d read a couple of chapters, it was time to get going again. We lifted a hog roast machine, boxes of balloons, napkins and a hog roast into the van. Then we drove off to a local hotel on the east side of Hillingdon.

It was a civil ceremony which is the second most common event we cater for, after weddings (the third most frequent would be corporate events, then birthdays). We put up the balloons (blue and silver) and me and another member of my team took the hog roast machine out of the van and wheeled it in, while Leigh put out the silverware, condiments and bread rolls. Soon everything was ready and the hog roast was turning and smelling delicious. It was truly a magical night. I love weddings and civil ceremonies; they are so beautiful. (I’m a hopeless romantic). I felt happy to be helping the happy couple have a great ceremony.