Hog Roast Histon

What do the Harry Potter films have in common with Harley Davidson motorcycles?

They both have connections to Histon a small town in the heart of the Cambridgeshire fens. The Hope Brothers Shirt Factory is based near Histon and it was they who made all those wonderful long, colourful scarves the characters of Harry Potter fame are so fond of wearing. Born in 1839, a certain William Harley had a small grandson who grew up and went on to co-found perhaps the most famous of all motorcycle brands with his business partner Arthur Davidson. They became Harley Davidson motorcycles a name synonymous with good quality and longevity.

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There is a great summer fair in Histon too which has been popular since as long back as 1888 and it really packs a wallop into one day. For motor enthusiasts there is a great show of vintage cars. For those of a “crafty” nature there are artworks, beads, candles, everything you could want. No summer fair would be complete without a display of summer fruits, vegetables and flowers: they are all here at the Histon show. And of course the show is a great place for local traders and businesses to set up a stall to advertise their wares. The combination of walking in the fresh summer air and the excitement of so many exhibits always seems to work up a healthy appetite, so what could be better than stopping by one of our qualified hog roast Histon chefs and indulging in a soft roll filled with our mouth watering pork with apple sauce and crispy crackling if you want it.

Unlike other burger stalls you always know what you’re getting with a hog roast Histon roll because we only ever use top quality organic pigs. Because we value our suppliers and work so closely with them, we are even invited to go and visit the farms; it’s really great for us to be able to see the pigs gambling happily around in their paddocks. And it’s really great for you knowing you’re being served the best quality pork.

Just as the name Harley Davidson conjures up images of quality motorcycles, so we like to think the name hog roast Histon conjures images of the very best in hog roasting. Our stainless steel ovens are of the highest standard, and because we engineer them ourselves we know how to tailor each one for exactly the right job. They all come with attachments for kebabs or rotisserie chicken, which means our ovens are as versatile as the food they cook is delicious. But our qualifications don’t end there. We can cater for functions as large or small as you’d like. We can even hire you one of our ovens if you would rather be chef for the day.

We are passionate about what we do and want everyone to get the most from the experience which is why we will work closely with you to make sure you are familiar and confident with the machine should you chose to hire. Or if you’d prefer we laid on all the catering, we will work equally close with you to tailor the menus and service to your preference.

There really is nothing better than a succulent melt in the mouth hog roast Histon from Cambridgeshire.