Hog Roast Honiton

They say that armies march on their stomachs: so there must have been quite a lot of Roman soldiers munching as they made their way through Honiton whilst building the Fosse Way. Had the hog roast Honiton caterers and their amazing hog roasts been around back then, they would have been more than happy to feed the marching army. As it is hog roast Honiton have been kept very busy by the people of present day Honiton who haven’t let the damp summer quell their spirits.

This was especially true during the ancient Honiton Hot Pennies Fair. People were out in their hundreds enjoying and celebrating the old tradition and hog roast Honiton were there too with their hog roast oven. It was a truly wonderful sight to see the people thronging through the streets and coming together as a community. And we were there ready and waiting to put food in hands when the inevitable hunger pangs struck!

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At street parties like this, it isn’t possible to display our full range of services: at these kinds of events people want some good, wholesome food to fill the gap and that’s exactly what we provide: cuts of succulent whole roasted pig served in soft rolls and accompanied by our own stuffing and crackling. It really hits the spot on a busy day outdoors!

When we are asked to cater for large formal hog roast Honiton events we take the whole process very seriously. We offer a range of menus which we believe cover the needs of events on different scales; however if you would rather, we can discuss your ideas with you and create the tailor made menu you think will suit your event best. We can continue the discussion to include what form of service you want: will it be a buffet style event? Or a sit down meal? We have a solution for either of these. Our talented hog roast Honiton chefs are able to provide stunning banquets for guests who number into the thousands, just as they would for guests who number as few as fifty. Our highly trained serving staff will be on hand to greet, serve and clear for your guests; all done efficiently and politely, and at the end of the day we will clear everything away leaving your venue as we found it.

Our commitment is in bringing good quality food to all: so much so that we will hire our hog roast oven to anyone who wishes to spread the hog roasting word. All our ovens are gas powered and fully CE certified. We can offer you training in how to use the machine and in understanding the attachments with which you can cook various meats and vegetables. Once you’ve had the experience of cooking with our machine, we are sure, you will never look back.

So whether you’re hosting an event this year, or want to begin hog roasting professionally, give the Hog Roast Caterers a call and let us get you started today.