Hog Roast Horwich

If you’re looking for hog roast Horwich or hog roast hire Horwich, we’re the team for you. Our catering includes balloons, serviettes and bread rolls and our hog roasts come with crackling and applesauce. We also provide hog roast hire Horwich for those with a more hands on approach who prefer to do it themselves.

Horwich is a nice place to work in. The West Pennine Moors and the M61 motorway are close by, and the River Douglas forms part of the town’s northern boundary. So there is a lot of countryside and nice scenery surrounding the town. Winter Hill, Rivington Pike and the West Pennine Moors rise in the north. There’s a lot of offices in and companies in the Middlebrook area, and most of the catering we do for corporate events involves businesses in this area. Horwich is quite good for shopping (in relation to the size of the town) and EU grants have contributed to new traditional style shop fronts in the town centre, which look more unique and nice. There are lots of small specialist shops and a weekly outdoor market.

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It is always enjoyable catering in and around Horwich. We get to cater for a wide variety of events from weddings and birthdays to corporate and community events. Yestrerday, we delivered a hog roast machine to a pub, for a birthday dinner. We carried the machine out of the van and wheeled it into the pub. The bartender showed us to the function room and we set up the machine Two of the client’s friends and some of her family were there, and they were interested in how the machine worked and all wanted a go at ‘turning’ it. I explained that you don’t have to do anything; you sort of just turn it on and it will continually turn by itself. We checked that the machine was working, as we always do here at hog roast hire Horwich, and then we helped the customers put their roast in the machine. We also suggested applesauce to go with it.

A couple hours later, we went back to pick up the machine, and the clients said it had been a fun night and that most of the guests had ever tried a hog roast before, but they had enjoyed it.

Today, we were catering a silver anniversary dinner for a couple and around forty of their friends and family, in a local hotel. We met the couple there when we arrived and discussed the layout of the tables and where to put the hog roast machine. Then we were busy putting up balloons – silver for the silver anniversary, and setting out cutlery, condiments and bread rolls. After a while two of the team went out to the van and wheeled in the hog roast machine, then brought in the hog roast, unwrapped it, and put it in the machine. The roast began to turn, sending out its delicious smell.

Then the guests began arriving and we were busy greeting them, showing them to seats, and filling glasses. After a while of waiting on tables, it was time for my favourite part, carving and serving the roast! I always enjoy the moment the hog roast is served and everyone enjoys the roast that our kitchen team works so hard preparing. It’s the goal of all the hard work, and you feel warm inside knowing you’re contributing to people having a great time, especially on memorable occasions such as this one.

The guests were obviously enjoying the food, and one of them told me it was the first time he had ever had a hog roast. I was filling glasses and making sure everything was going perfectly and soon it was time for dessert. Afterwards, the couple said they were very pleased with the catering. We cleared up all the debris and cleaned the tables.

After that we came back to our premises, where we have our kitchen and office. I caught up on some paperwork and was informed by our receptionist that we had more orders for both hog roast Horwich and hog roast hire Horwich. I could hear the chefs downstairs preparing another hog roast for the event we were to cater in a couple of hours. We’re always busy at hog roast Horwich, and the way things are going, It is definitely hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here at hog roast Horwich it is always busy, but it’s always fun, too.