Hog Roast Hounslow

Hounslow is a suburb, and a lovely place to work in. Hounslow Heath Park is a big open area of grass. It lends a touch of much needed green to the area and is all that remains of the original Hounslow Heath which covered a much larger area and gave its name to a nearby hamlet (which was demolished decades ago to make way for the airport). Famous names such as the actress Patsy Kensit , comedian Jimmy Carr, Olympic Gold medallist Mo Farah and singer-songwriter Phil Collins previously lived in Hounslow. The origin of Hounslow’s name is uncertain, but it may be Anglo-Saxin for “the land which is good for hunting”. The town of Hounslow grew up around a 13th century priory. It used to be a small village but it grew in size over the centuries. Rich land owners lived in several large houses in Hounslow, including the beautiful Osterley house. One of the oldest houses in Hounslow is The Lawn, which is situated in front of our Civic centre.

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We are hog roast caters based in Hounslow. We offer hog roast Hounslow and hog roast hire Hounslow. With hog roast Hounslow, you’re guaranteed a tender, crispy hog roast with crackling and applesauce, made to our own recipe. Balloons, bread rolls and serviettes are included as standard. Alternatively if you’re more of a hands on kind of person, we offer hog roast hire Hounslow, and all our hog roast machines perform to a high standard and are safety checked. So if you’re looking to hire a hog roast machine in Hounslow, we are your team. Here at hog roast Hounslow we’re always busy catering around the area and hiring out hog roast machines. We frequently cater for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries and birthdays, as well as much more varied and miscellaneous celebrations. Once we catered for a party to celebrate the publishing of a book, and another time last year we catered a retirement do for the police. If someone had told me, way back when, that one day I’d be doing this, I’d have said they were crazy. It’s funny where life takes you sometimes.

Just today we delivered a hog roast machine to a hotel. A group was celebrating the 10 year anniversary of a locally circulated publication; I’d never read it myself as it appeals to a specific segment of the community. But I was glad to meet the people who’d made it possible. We got to the hotel and I plugged the machine into the socket. It was working properly. We helped the group put the heavy hog roast into the machine. It smelled good, but not as good as one of our hog roasts. I asked the group how they had funded the publication. They explained that it had started with two friends who had thought they would publish one single issue. It had been a bet. But the good reception of the first issue turned the bet into a hobby, and, by the sixth issue, it was beginning to feel more and more like a tentative business venture. Fundraisers were paying for it, but as the two friends became more immersed in their careers (in IT and journalism) they had to take on staff to manage the business, and started selling the magazine instead of it being a free publication. “The rest is history,” one of them laughed. It was an amazing, feel good story. I reckon somebody could make a movie out of it; a comedy drama maybe? We drove off to our second customer of the day still feeling great. This time it was a birthday party in a community centre. The client was turning 50, though we have catered everything from toddlers’ birthdays to teens and senior citizens. Even a few “new baby” celebrations. (Those are always touching). We got there and took everything out of the van. I put up balloons while my colleagues moved tables, set up the hog roast machine and put out the bread rolls. Our client – who I was chatting to for a few minutes – said it wasn’t really for him, but for his friends; he kind of wanted to give them some kind of party, and this was the perfect excuse. He’d started a new business and they’d been really supportive. The guests started to arrive soon after that, and the event went off without a hitch. It was a great night, and that’s what we’re all about here at hog roast Hounslow.