Hog Roast Islington

Islington is a great neighbourhood with a lot of Georgian architecture. It's both a suburban retreat and a bustling retail centre. Islington has humble beginnings as a village in ancient times. Today, it is a desirable place to live (since its rise from obscurity into being considered a fashionable area in the 1960's, and having been priced even more exclusively in recent years). As a result, Islington is now home to politicians, celebrities and other affluent people; Islington is also featured in the board game 'Monopoly'. Several books and plays also feature the area. What I personally love about Islington, though, is the people – always friendly, courteous and interesting to talk to. Others living outside Islington could be forgiven for adhering to stereotypes and thinking that I rub shoulders with intellectual snobs and pretentious 'new money' types, but nothing could be further from the truth. My work takes me all around Islington and I meet a lot of people – and it's the people I meet who make my job worthwhile.

I'm a hog roast caterer. I work with a great team; we prepare hog roasts, cater for any event – large or small – and deliver hog roast machines. Our hog roast Islington service is second to none and includes decorations, balloons, bread rolls and serviettes – and great customer service, of course! If you're a bit more hands on, we also offer hog roast hire Islington. Our machines are kept up to the best hygiene and safety standards. So whether you're thinking about hog roast Islington or looking for hog roast hire Islington, we're the team for you. I often get asked what it's like catering around the area. I think the best answer would be: “it's a lot of fun, and it's more varied than you might think.” Our team has catered for celebrities, VIPs, schools, local authorities, companies, childrens' parties and community groups. We've hired hog roast machines to local bands, charities, gastro pubs and non profit publications. Which all adds up to an interesting job. When your work means that you meet everyone from artists to bankers to activists, and sometimes even TV personalities and politicians, you start having more fun at work sometimes than you do on your days off!We also do a lot of weddings, corporate events and birthdays.

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Of course, the fact that Islington is an affluent area means that the catering industry is even more competitive than elsewhere in the city. We prepare our roasts to the highest of standards, and our roasts are made according to our own recipe and always have the crackling that we all like. Our roasts are crunchy and crispy where they should be, and tender and juicy where they should be. We also use applesauce and spices to really bring out that great roasted hog taste. There's a lot of lefty people in Islington, and today we were delivering a hog roast machine to one of these lefty political groups; they meet up once a fortnight and run their own newspaper, which is circulated around an area of Islington. Most of them work in media (and one is a restauranteur who I just found out is vaguely known to one member of our team.) I don't know if they were liberals, libertarians or anarcho-communists or some other kind of lefty, but they were pretty interesting to talk to. This is what's great about being a hog roast caterer in Islington – one minute you're catering for a corporate event and in a couple of hours you're meeting average people with anything but average ideals.

Anyway, we got to the community centre where they were celebrating the funding they had just received which would allow them to take their newspaper much further. I plugged in the machine and checked it was working. Then we were on our way to cater for a wedding. We put up the balloons, moved furniture and brought in the hog roast. The guests began arriving a little while after we'd straightened everything out and had everything just right. It was a lovely hotel, and the bride and groom looked great. Eschewing the traditional black and white, they'd gone for something far more flamboyant; the bride was radiant in red and glittering gold; the dress clung to all her curves and swathes of material flowed around her. The groom was wearing blue trimmed with black; the clothes were fitted to his figure and showed it off perfectly. Everyone had a great time, and actually so did I!