Hog Roast Kensington

Kensington is one of the most desirable and affluent areas of the city, and also one of the most green and beautiful. There is a large park (Kensington gardens) in the area, studded with trees. It's very peaceful there and a lot of cyclists and families use it to relax in. The stately Kensington Palace, in the middle of the gardens, is well worth a visit. If you're looking to do a bit of shopping, the high street has it all – a wide range of shops selling quality items. Kensington High Street even won an award for this in 2005. The museum district in South Kensington is well known not only for its educational and interesting museums, but also for its boutique shops.

I'm a hog roast caterer based in Kensington. I work with a fantastic team of experienced and dedicated chefs and caterers. We provide both hog roast Kensington and hog roast hire Kensington. If you're looking for hog roast Kensington, you are guaranteed a service which includes decorations and bread rolls as standard, crackling on all our hog roasts, and exceptional customer services. All our hog roasts are made according to our own recipe and we use spices and applesauce to bring out the flavour. Alternatively, if you're a bit more hands on and are looking for hog roast hire Kensington, you'll be pleased with our reliable, safety checked and quality hog roast machines.

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I love the catering industry, and I've been in the industry for many years now. Obviously, catering in an affluent neighbourhood brings its own challenges. Everything must be perfect, and even the carving of the hog roast has to look good. Our team most frequently caters for corporate events, weddings and private parties, but we've also catered and hired to many other events including the anniversary of a local business, the launching of a magazine and a company merger.

I've been to a few local media outlets and catered for VIP parties and colleges, as well as many birthdays and anniversaries. In the summer, families tend to hire hog roast machines as an alternative to barbecuing, and we have hired hog roast machines to everyone from amateur dramatics societies to book clubs.

Today we catered for a corporate event in a hotel. We decorated the room and I was busy filling glasses as the guests arrived. My favourite moment is carving the roast, and I try to make it look good; everything is an art form. Especially with anything gastronomic. And especially with hog roasts, which require a lot of time and attention to detail to prepare properly. As we served the food, I saw that everyone was enjoying the hog roast and as usual we received compliments about how good it tasted. This makes it all worthwhile. We do everything to the best standards here at hog roast Kensington, and I feel so happy when people appreciate it. It's sort of why I went into the business; I like making people happy and helping to create a great night out, a celebration or a fantastic dinner.

After that, we delivered a hog roast machine to a local literary group. They run workshops designed to help aspiring writers with fiction or poetry, and occasionally have speakers. The dinner was taking place in a small hotel, and it was to celebrate the group's ten year anniversary. While we were there, I also found out that the group runs literature appreciation evenings, where they discuss both contemporary literature and the classics. It was all a bit over my head, but it brought back memories about school, and I think I actually still remember my Shakespeare.

We had to leave – which was unfortunate, as I really enjoyed talking to them – but I think one of our team, Mindy, is going to go to their next literature appreciation night. She writes poems and keeps a diary, so this is right up her street. I once wanted to be in black and white, before I'd realised I can't actually write. What I'm good at is cooking and catering. I like the challenge of hog roasts; if you don't prepare them properly, you end up with bone and gristle still remaining in the meat, or no crackling, or the meat being dry. With us, great tasting, delicious hog roasts are always guaranteed. We've got the experience and the passion. I love my job. It can sometimes be a bit hectic, but it's the most fun you can have while working.