Hog Roast Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is a thriving town with a growing catering industry and our hog roast company is now beyond reproach for quality and quantity in the catering stakes. Churning out scrumptious hog roast after hog roast, doing so with the most professional of grace, has made us a highly sought after caterer. It’s become easier than it once was to guarantee an event success because now all you have to do is book and the best of the job has been done, all that's then asked of you is that you make sure your guests arrive after that!

You might wonder what exactly makes Chef and griddle the hog roasting colossal that we are and it’s pretty straight forward. We haven't tried to be like every other hog roast Knightsbridge caterer with a hog roast machine out there, we don't want to be an everyday hog roaster, a company that hog roasts and can maybe throw together some chips and pizza on the side if requested, that's not what chef and griddle is about. We’ve always done more than the others with the aim of being the complete hog roast catering company. We’ve acquired the finest chefs to cook fine foods from canapés to desserts in the way they ought to be cooked, and we do it as good if not better than any caterer or restaurant. And so when you’re booking a hog roast Knightsbridge catering package you can be just as confident that every other dish to accompany the hog roast is as good and made with the same professional flair and, more to the point, tastes as brilliant as our hog roast. That’s what makes us the out and out number one for Knightsbridge catering, because we make the greatest food and accompany it with the best of professional, honest services.

Chef and griddle is redefining how people look at and understand hog roasts. When people come across the our name, those who know us at least, they no longer think about just an awesome roast pig on its lonesome, they know that we’re more than that and have memories of delectable, make-your-mouth-water starters, salads and lots more.

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The meat and other ingredients used for our catering come from regional farms, the pigs for example are from the area and raised in excellent free range conditions, which is a small part of the secret as to how we make hog roasts so fresh, hearty and mouth watering for your guests.

Our hog roasts can be had in one of two ways, you can book a catering package as you're already aware, you can also hire a hog roast machine though which you might not know. Hiring a hog roast hire Knightsbridge machine is an excellent way to save some money to go towards the rest of your event, it's also decidedly easy to cook your own roast and you'll have a great deal of fun doing so whether you choose to hire the machine with a pig or supply your own meats. Spit attachments come supplied with the so that you can spit roast food from chickens to potatoes. Machine sizes vary and we can advise you on which size machine is needed if you have an idea of the number of guests at your event. The machine will be delivered by us at which time we'll let you know how the machines work, you'll be left with a full bottle of gas to hog roast tons of food for hours on end, and once your hire runs out we'll have the machine picked up and returned.

To give you an idea of the type of company we are, we offer quotes free of charge and in unlimited quantities. So pick out a few menus or machine types, email or call us, and in next to no time we'll be calling you back with multiple quotes. There's nothing to lose.

Knightsbridge is a desirable and very exclusive residential area, and is also home to a very wide selection of shops, most of which are original and upmarket. Many wealthy individuals, including Royals from overseas, own property in the area. Knightsbridge has a lot of green compared to other areas in the city, and it is a very pretty neighbourhood in which to work. I don't live here, of course, but my work takes me all around Knightsbridge and I like to browse around the shops, especially the flagship stores (several international designers have flagship stores here). It's a lovely place, and contrary to what some might imagine, the people I meet in Knightsbridge are very nice.

I'm a hog roast caterer; we prepare hog roasts in our kitchen and cater for events. We use our own recipe to ensure that all our hog roasts come with crackling, and we use applesauce and spices to bring out that delicious roasted hog meat flavour. So if you're looking for hog roast Knightsbridge, we're the team you can rely on. We also offer hog roast hire Knightsbridge for those who are more hands on and prefer to do it themselves.

We have catered for every event from weddings, proms and corporate events to birthday parties and various miscellaneous celebrations. And we've catered for everyone, from celebrities and VIPs to the ordinary people of the City. We have a lot of experience as well as dedication to our work and a passion for all things gastronomic; so whether you're after hog roast Knightsbridge or hog roast hire Knightsbridge, you're guaranteed great customer service and delicious hog roasts.

Today we were catering for a wedding in a hotel in Knightsbridge. There were hundreds of guests, so it was on the bigger end of the spectrum, though nowhere near as large as the biggest events we've catered for. (Here at hog roast Knightsbridge we cater for all sorts of events.) We would be catering in a 5 star hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge; I'd been to the hotel a couple of times previously to cater for corporate events. We got to the hotel and put all the decorations and balloons in place, then set out the bread rolls and condiments. No expense had been spared, which is quite usual in Knightsbridge. As the guests came in, our team was busy showing them to their seats and pouring champagne. The hog roast dinner went off perfectly, and my favourite moment is always carving and serving the roast. The bride and groom looked wonderful; the dress was a twist on a classic style; it was white, but with swathes of material the colour of clotted cream, and trimmed with beige. The dress was long, with a train, and revealing; the top part was reminiscent of a studded corset. The groom was wearing an elegantly cut suit, and like the bride's outfit, it was traditional but with a twist: the blazer was black leather and he was wearing black leather boots with a design worked into the leather, a white silk shirt and a chunky, masculine necklace which glittered under the light from the chandelier. The blazer had long tails – I suspect that it had been the male version of a train during the ceremony. It had embellished epaulettes and large gold-coloured buttons. The effect was stunning, and the outfit somehow managed to look more put together than a tuxedo. Afterwards, they all went downstairs to the ballroom to party.

I love weddings; I like helping a wedding to come together and providing great food for the happy couple. We have catered so many civil ceremonies and weddings that I lost count years ago. Traditional, modern, themed – I've seen them all. The only ceremonies I haven't seen much of are polyamorous ceremonies, which might be because such unions aren't yet legally recognised. I'm a hopeless romantic and so weddings make me happy. I know there's a lot of cynicism about true love and staying together forever, but I'm proud to remain unaffected by this. Yesterday we catered for the anniversary of a local fashion boutique. They don't sell designer clothing or jewellery, but instead original pieces in distinctive styles – the perfect place to shop for the artistically inclined. They also design and make custom corsets for both genders and corset dresses, charging hundreds per garment. I got talking to the clients and found out how challenging corsetry is. I always said hog roast catering in Knightsbridge is interesting.