Hog Roast Laxey

Hog roast caterer is the brightest and most accomplished hog roast Laxey caterer, to our name we have thousands of successful events and hundreds of thousands of people have sampled our now illustrious spit roast and hog roast meals.

Our hog roasts taste the part but in our view spit roasts are the definitive feature of a Laxey hog roast and any amazing hog roast, because it's the spit roast image of a whole animal on a skewer that people know so well. When people think of hog roasting they don't think of a pig in an oven, they think of communities gathered around a skewered pig, hanging over an old fashioned fire, with men on either side turning the pig every so often.

And with adjustable attachments that we crafted ourselves, thanks to the help of our expert hog roast engineers, we can use our spit roast machines to cook whatever takes your fancy, be it a lamb from one of our menus or duck and jacket potatoes with a custom menu. If you can think of something that can be spit roast we'll happily do it for you. We like our clients to challenge us with new, vibrant menu ideas, and we like our clients guests to enter a venue, take one look at what the Spitting Pig chefs are doing and say "WOW!"

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A bespoke menu is optional and to tell you the truth with 3 menu sections and roughly 20 already made menus on offer at any time it's not hard to work out why most our Laxey events are done by catering from our regular menus. Our regular menus are only 'regular' in name, there's nothing standard about the outstanding deliciousness of our menu foods, whether we're talking about a spicy Indian selection of canapé snacks a spit roast chicken on bread rolls or our fresh salmon starter.

From house warming parties to anniversaries and weddings, our menus hold a special place in many a clients heart, it's not just the fact that we have scrumptious menus that attracts people to using Spitting Pig, another crucial and deciding factor for so many we've made hog roasts for has been our excellent mobility.

Hog roast caterer are of the highest standard indoors or out, but when it comes to outdoor catering a the gap between ourselves and other caterers widens even further, as it's just not possible for most caterers to take to catering outside while maintaining their usual standards, but with a hog roast that's exactly what we do, hog roast cooking has always been an outdoor way to cook so it only makes sense that we're just as formidable cooking under the sun or night stars as we are cooking inside an indoor venue. And let's be honest, with such magnificent natural beauty in Laxey and surrounding areas just why on earth would you miss out on the chance of outdoor catering!?

There's nothing to say that you need to hire hog roast catering to get a plump spit roast pig, now with our hog roast hire Laxey service you can roast a pig yourself.

If you hire we'll even go as far as letting you have an organic pig to cook for a little extra cost. But that's entirely optional, you can hire just a machine and use your own bought meats to hog roast or spit roast with, it's up to you.

As you can expect with all these unbeatable services we're a busy company with a fair share of interest, it's always been our advice to anyone who's interested not to leave it to chance, if you're pondering a hog roast hire Laxey get in touch, if only to express your interest. With free quotes readily available for anyone there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us.