Hog Roast Leatherhead

When people who know us think of great hog roast Leatherhead parties, images of roast pigs with a golden hue come to mind, scenes of smiling guests enjoying their event shortly follow, along with a torrent of great memories that were had when Hog roast hire Leatherhead came to their event and made them the most delectable hog roast.

We're a Leatherhead caterer with a relatively long and proud history of making memorable hog roast dinners for our guests. Our name has been apart of catering for a good while and our methods go back even further. Using time-honoured spit roast techniques we conjure up at events the most sizzling, succulent whole roasted pigs. We cater at events of different size and type and we cook whole animal meats and large cuts of meats with our spit roast and tray roasting machines. The whole pigs we cook are scrumptious in every sense of the word and because of the simple, traditional spit and tray roast methods of cooking kilo upon kilo of meat we're more than proficient in cooking for hundreds of people while using just a hog roast chef and a hog roast machine.

Boasting enticing menus that include different spit roast options(such as turkey, beef or lamb) and near endless choices for desserts, salads, starters and canap├ęs what we bring to the table is the complete package - ample amounts of tasty grub cooked by the finest in Leatherhead. The foods from menu to menu change just as much as the serving styles. Formal, informal, sit-down dinners, buffets, you tell us how you want the food served and you can bet we'll have menus already made specifically with that in mind. That's why we're the quintessential hog roast Leatherhead caterer, we've something to please just about everybody.

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The spit roast machines used to do all of this are something else. Hog roasts are transported without effort on account of the durable machine wheels, meaning that we can move the hog roast cooking location indoors or outdoors dependant on the weather, so if it starts raining and there's no cover we can take the hog roast party inside. Alternatively you could hire a marquee to give cover from the ever so unpredictable British weather.

And speaking of marquees, if there's another area that stands us apart from our catering rivals it's that we'll never be too far and we'll always be willing to help you with your event planning, more to the point we're not just willing, we're experienced in event planning something stupid and so have the catering knowledge needed to guide you towards your ultimate event. Entertainment, outdoor shelter, decoration, venues themselves, you name it and we've worked with some of the best providers of all four. We'll happily lend you all the information you have to reach the best decisions in your event preparation.

Of course, you could just forego hog roast Leatherhead catering all together and get in on your own hog roast action by using our booming machine hire service to give your event the added spice of a toothsome spit roast. Making certain your own hog roast hire is sure to be memorable and you'll impress your event guests even more if you make a delicious hog roast with the added difference of you making it rather than us. They'll find it hard to believe that a hog roast rookie could make such a temptingly textured roast pig, but that's exactly what you can do when you hire a machine. Hiring a machine doesn't require any special skills, just give us the word that you'd like to hire a machine, we'll sort the details out with you and before you know it we'll be at your doorstep with an impeccably designed hog roast machine, telling you in a short few minutes how it works and leaving you with the free gas bottle needed for you to get started with your cooking.