Hog Roast Letchworth

One of the most interesting things about a town like Letchworth is that it is one of the more recent additions to the country. While surrounding areas were recorded in the Domesday book in medieval times, this particular area was purchased by Quakers with the intention of making it into a farming Quaker community. In 1898 social reformer Ebenezer Howard wrote up what he thought would create the perfect town, calling the theory ‘three magnets’; the ingredients for what would become the busy town it is today.

Given that Letchworth is built on the idea of farming supporting a town, it is no wonder that customers here are mindful of fresh food. We are proud to cater with only the freshest food and source all our meat from local farmers, never cutting corners for the sake of saving a little money. With us, you get quality every time and we are proud to offer hog roast hire Letchworth from Chef and Griddle.

When you hire our catering, we want to give you only the best. We make all our food from fresh, right before you at the venue. We also cook your hog from fresh too, but if you are pressed for time we can cook it beforehand and warm it through perfectly at the venue. And if there’s any meat left after everyone is fed and happy, our chef will carve all leftovers off and set it out for you with soft bread rolls and sauces. We don’t like to see good food go to waste, but with pork that tastes so delicious we don’t have much to worry about!

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We don’t mind how many people you are looking to cater for; whether it’s 20 or 200, we can handle it with pleasure. We have hired out a single hog roast to smaller parties and we have given full catering to some huge events, and are very proud of our track record of excellent customer service and quality of food.

For your hog roast Letchworth event, you can pick and choose between our menus. Our menus on this site show you just a taste of what we have to offer, and we’re always more than happy to make changes or add anything you feel is missing. If there’s something a little out of the ordinary that you want for a starter, main or pudding, we will rise to the challenge. Our repertoire of dishes includes varied and mouth-watering ideas and we are more than happy to cater to those with restrictive diets. Vegetarians, vegans, anybody allergic to anything? Just let us know and we will offer up a selection of delicious alternatives.

If at your hog roast Letchworth event the hog roasting machine has been set up outside, there’s no need to panic if it rains. A great feature of our machines is the sturdy wheels and strong handles on either side which make movement perfectly achievable. Your roast can be wheeled over pavement, carpet and even grass. So if the British weather does what it does best, just a quick shuffle around is all we need to start cooking again.

Our hog roasting machines can be used inside or out, and bring a real spark to any event. Just the sight of a whole roasting pig is often all guests need for a morale boost. The scent of roasting pork really does set mouths watering and tummies rumbling, whether it’s in a well-ventilated room inside or in a garden on a summer’s day.

Want to hire a machine and cook for yourself? Right now, our machine hire option is really thriving. If you want to host your own event and impress your guests by cooking and carving a delicious roast hog yourself for them, you can hire one of our machines. After years of designing, we have created fantastic hog roasting machines which are surprisingly easy to use and very user-friendly. We will deliver it to you with a bottle of gas to get you going, and if you can’t source the meat we can bring some along for you. One of the best things about our machines is that you don’t have to stick to pork; with the supplied attachments, you can cook legs of ham, beef, lamb, multiple chickens. You can even cook vegetables, sausages and burgers. With all this versatility, it’s no wonder that many decide to hire a machine for a few days and try out all the options. In fact, many private caterers who hire our machines end up buying them!

So call us now and let’s see how we can make the catering at your hog roast hire Letchworth event something really special!