Hog Roast Liskeard

A chef and griddle Liskeard hog roast is put best as 'the stuff of legend'. When we're given the honour of hog roasting for an event we're remembered long after it, accounts of our spit roast pig with crackling being firmly etched in peoples memories. That's why it's not hard to believe that a great deal of people who use Spitting Pig do so after having a Spitting Pig hog roast at somebody else's event, they remember it well, then years later when they come to plan an event of their own there's not much debate about who they'll look to for their catering, it has to be Chef and griddle.

The biggest hog roast Liskeard pigs we cook give us enough meat to feed for a party with hundreds of people, or a wedding reception, or a barbeque or business launch, or any other event you need your catering for. We can cook for the same numbers with our whole lamb, whole chickens, sirloin of beef, whole turkeys spit roast/tray roast options. On several occasions we've cooked a hog or spit roast for thousands. On the other hand, we also cater for very small gatherings. Many times we're called out to cater for personal gatherings between family or friends, we once cooked a spit roast for 13 people as an example of small hog roast Liskeard catering we can provide.

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Your event won't be short of theatrics if we're involved, after all that's what hog roasting is about, it's a statement at your event as much as it is guaranteed servings of food that'll whet your appetite. The spit roast is the best known catering image when roasting, people know the sight of a skewered pig well and they're never short of anticipation and glee when they get to an event and see our chef hog roasting. The tray roast is a much more modern way of cooking pig but we've made it as visually appealing as our hog roast by using machines with clear-glass panels on the front so that your guests don't miss out on seeing the pig while it cooks.

Hog roast catering can be served in different ways just as with cooking. You'll be able to pick anything from a buffet menu for an informal party between friends, to an informal seated menu that better suits the more ceremonious events, such as a wedding. This flexibility we provide our clients is how we've come to be the most attractive proposition for catering in Liskeard.

Enormous amounts of energy are put into cooking large quantities of whole meats for a hog roast Liskeard, whether cooking a large whole pig or several chickens and turkeys, but it's often done with only one of our chefs. The hog roast workload for cooking a whole pig can usually be shouldered by 1 hog roast chef and a gas bottle. That a hog roast can be cooked for hundreds of people with just a machine, one person and some gas is good news for you because it means that there's nothing stopping you hog roasting with our great machines.

A hog roast hire Liskeard is unbelievable value and the upside if you hire is like nothing else. At remarkably low costs you can't lose with hog roast machine hire. You can feed more with a hog roast Liskeard and it's much easier without the extra baggage of worry. If there's a simpler way to feed 300 people we've yet to see it, but that's exactly what you get with a Spitting Pig machine and it doesn't require you to know anything about hog roasting before hand. You'll be shown clearly how our machines work and after skewering your meats of choice all you'll need to do is turn the machine on and keep your eye on it, checking if it's cooked every so often.