Hog Roast Maidstone

There is evidence of settlements on the site where Maidstone now stands which go back to the Stone Age: so hog roast Maidstone are in pretty good company. Although the Stone Age people were much more primitive than the Hog Roast Caterers and their hog roast Maidstone it is still nice to note that for thousands of years the eating habits of the good people of Maidstone haven’t changed all that much!

This was certainly in evidence when hog roast Maidstone were asked to bring their hog roast oven along to cater for a group of Maidstone radio presenters and their colleagues. This was to be a formal sit down dinner with both a spit roasted pig and a spit roasted lamb. We make a delicious stuffing to accompany the roasted pork, and of course what would pork be without crackling, so there was plenty to go around. For the lamb we served a mint sauce and an alternative dill and mustard sauce, both of which were in popular demand. We also provided a variety of our own special starters and canapés including a tasty Waldorf salad, a Cherry and Beef Tomato Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella and Jacket Potatoes.

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When you engage hog roast Maidstone to cater for your event, it’s not just the great tasty food you receive, but the whole spectacle of the hog roast itself which we think is a little bit special. Our talented chefs will be on hand throughout your event to cook and carve, while our professional serving team will be there to wait on tables. If you chose a buffet style meal, our serving team will be there to assist the chef and keep the serving area clean and tidy. They will also be there to gather used plates and bring them back to the buffet station.

Because our hog roast oven is so versatile we can make any number of meats or combination of meats. Of course not everyone eats pork so we can also roast whole lambs and joints of beef. With our range of special attachments we can easily turn our hog roast oven into a rotisserie and cook either chickens or turkeys for you. And just in case you were thinking one won’t be enough to feed my guests, we can cook up to 35 chickens or turkeys at any one time.

Versatility is our watch word so while we are able to cater for functions whose guests’ number into the many hundreds we can just as easily cater for much smaller events such as private garden parties. And because of the unique design of our machine with a sturdy wheel at each corner, there is no problem with accessibility: we can just wheel our oven right in!

Here at hog roast Maidstone we are completely committed to making your event a great one, so if you are going to be playing host this summer, give us a call and let’s make your day one to remember!