Hog Roast Monmouth

The UK is full of quite fascinating and truly historic architecture. Travel from town to city to village in all parts of the nation and you will find some real gems. The market town of Monmouth is no exception for there is something really rather special here. It’s a Medieval stone gated bridge and, apparently it’s the last of its type in Britain. Let us hope that this fabulous construction remains for a few more hundred years.

The Medieval period has left us with many other fantastic examples of architecture in other regions of the UK, of course it also left us with some wonderful culinary creations, one of which is our own favourite, the hog roast. Monmouth and its rich history would have been host to many a Monmouth hog roast in its time, in fact the town probably saw many an important visitor pass through during the many historic upheavals in which the town figured and hog roast may well have helped feed some of these well known characters.

A Medieval hog roast Monmouth event may have been a gloriously over the top affair for its day but times changed and hog roast became a less frequent feast. Over the years, important events tended to rely more on other solutions when it came to food, with options becoming less appealing and decidedly more boring.

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Thankfully the British public has developed a new found love for hog roast and the faded memories of the hog roast Monmouth are here once more. Today’s generation of event diners have taken a long hard look at the state of the catering world and what it has to offer...and quite rightly seen that hog roast offers everything you could possibly want from a special occasion food and a lot more besides.

The hog roast hire Monmouth option is now probably the most sensible option if you want to provide your guests with a truly special, traditional and slightly quirky alternative to the old boring occasion options that have ruled the roost (and offended many tastebuds) for decades. It’s time to say goodbye to bland party food and time to open your arms to the wonderful world of great tasting, wholesome, freshly cooked, quality occasion food.

But why should you take a chance with a hog roast Monmouth event? Do you feel you should be playing it safe? That’s where many people go wrong. Food is meant to be an adventure of flavour, aroma and appearance, which all makes hog roast the top contender. And if you care for your guests and want to impress them, surely they deserve a great meal? A hog roast caterer will ensure that’s the case and will start off in the best possible way by choosing a fine selection of meat. Hog roast relies on great meat and by selecting a quality whole pig from a reputable source, your Monmouth diners won’t be left wanting. Talking of diners, how many are you thinking of inviting? Seriously, you need to plan ahead because the cost per head at big occasions can rocket if you are not careful. Luckily, hog roast is quite forgiving when you plan a special occasion, because a typical hog roast is a generous feast and will quite happily serve around one hundred guests with ease. Maybe we have just eased your budget concerns considerably.

Okay so you have a great quality whole pig and you know that it’s going to serve a lot of people, but what about the cooking? Glad you asked, because that fantastic whole pig is going get a good long slow roast, in fact your guests can watch as the hog roast chef prepares your feast on the quite spectacular looking hog roast machine. And when it’s cooked, well, it’s safe to say that you are going to be enjoying one of the best meals you have ever tasted. It’s got to be a Monmouth hog roast occasion!