Hog Roast Nantwich

Nantwich is a quite lovely place to live and work. The town is full of incredible historic buildings spanning different styles and centuries but all supremely impressive. In fact you would be hard pushed to find such a variety of great buildings in one place anywhere else in the UK. Okay, maybe there are one or two places but I reckon Nantwich is up there with the best of them.

But it’s not the historic buildings that I am too bothered about. I want to tell you all about my life as the hog roast hire Nantwich caterer and why hog roast is quite simply top of the pile when it comes to event catering. And if you have never been lucky enough to enjoy a hog roast then listen carefully, because I think you will be very keen to seek out a hog roast event after reading this.

How did I get to become a hog roast hire Nantwich caterer? Well, it’s quite simple really, I was working at a local hotel in a managerial role. It was okay but I was never entirely happy. You are never your own boss and you always having to compromise on things. Anyway, we had played host to a number of events that year where an external hog roast chef had been brought in to provide the catering. I had noticed what a wonderful setup the chefs had and I was very impressed. It was incredible organised and the way in which the hog roast very much formed part of the overall spectacle was impressive. I decided that there must be more to hog roasting and got speaking the chef before he packed up. He invited me to an event he was catering for later that month.

Well, I loved it. I can honestly say that the hog roast was quite simply the best event catering I had ever tasted and it was quite evident that all the guests present at the event felt exactly the same way. I was sold on the idea of becoming a hog roast Nantwich caterer from that moment onwards. One rather quickly written resignation letter and I threw myself headlong into my new career.

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Five years later and I have never looked back. It was a risk to ditch a well paid hotel job but I simply had to see if I could do the job of hog roast Nantwich caterer and I can confidently say that I certainly can do it, and do it pretty well. In my five years of Nantwich catering I have catered at a huge range of wonderful events. Of course I have served food at all the usual events such as birthday parties, weddings and Christenings, anniversaries, festivals, fundraisers and many more...but I particularly enjoy business and corporate functions. It’s odd but I do like those events as they can be quite lavish and important. You just know that, behind the smiles, there is probably a lot of wheeling and dealing go on, negotiations for contracts and much more. In a way, my job as caterer is helping make it all happen and I find that just a little bit exciting! Another aspect I like about corporate functions is that it usually means I get a chance to impress the Cheshire crowd with my gourmet cookery skills. You see, most of the events I cater for prefer hog roast rolls. These are simply delicious, fresh baps served with lots of hog roast meat complete with apple sauce and crackling. They are truly delicious and very moreish but not really what you could class as a corporate meal. For a gourmet hog roast, I get to turn on the style a bit by unleashing my carving skills and serving up some fantastic looking hog roast plated up dinners. It’s pretty much the same as what I do at more formal weddings. A few vegetables, roasts, sauce and crackling and it really is a very classy meal that looks and tastes incredible. A great meal for all the business talk to take place over.

It’s no real surprise that my hog roasts taste so wonderful, as they do take me a fair while to cook. Six hours is the norm for a standard Nantwich hog roast, but that does feed around one hundred plus people, so it can’t be bad, can it?

If you have an event that needs something really tasty cooking up for it, why not choose a classy Nantwich hog roast? You and your guests will love it.