Hog Roast Newmarket

There are many great sporting locations in the United Kingdom, however we tend to refer to these by their stadia name, for example Anfield or Old Trafford, but there are not many towns that are synonymous with the sport that is so often held there. Newmarket is one such place.

Newmarket is of course known throughout the world as one of the best racecourses in the world and it has becoming something of a racing town to its core being home to over fifty racehorsing stables. And with the price of a top racehorse running into the millions, that represents something of a major industry. It is even home to some of the racing world’s biggest names including Frankie Dettori and Sir Henry Cecil. Newmarket is a market town with some pedigree.

If you are looking for special catering with a fine pedigree then they don’t come much better than a hog roast. Hog roast really is a fine old feast of some distinction that was enjoyed by societies more privileged dating back to Medieval times. But as the centuries rolled by, hog roast’s popularity seemed to wane until it becoming something of an endangered species in catering circles. Thankfully, it looks like things are changing for the better in the catering world and hog roast Newmarket events are starting to become quite the thing to do.

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Organise a hog roast hire Newmarket event and you are on to something of a racing certainty that your guests are going to absolutely love the food, and that’s something you can say very often. After all we have all become used to great occasions being ruined by terrible catering. It beggars belief why people would go to all the trouble of organising fantastic functions and corporate events only to go and spoil it all by serving up some of the worst imaginable food possible. Why do people do it? Do they not realise that there is a Medieval solution that won’t break the bank?

Well, at least you are going to learn that a bit of hog roast Newmarket magic can add a touch of culinary magic to any event in this horse mad part of Suffolk. In fact, what greater meal could you find for garden party or stables type celebration? Make it a hog roast hire Newmarket party that will everyone will adore.

Before I go on about why hog roast is perfect, let me dispel a few myths about hog roast. Hog roast uses pig and not wild boar. The pigs used are some of the best, in fact the hog roast chef spends a fair bit of time ensuring that only the very best pigs are used for each hog roast that they cook. Each pig has to be fatted up to just the right amount and be well reared from a good local source. Only then will the pig be deemed hog roastworthy!

Another myth is about the taste. If you have heard that hog roast was tough and leathery then you have been listening to the wrong people. Hog roast is one of the most succulent, juicy and melt in the mouth tasty feasts you will ever experience, make no mistake.

There are some stories about hog roast that are quite true though and that includes how accommodating a meal it can be. Now anyone in their right mind would expect a hog roast to feed a lot of people as it is a whole pig but just how many would you expect it to feed? Fifty or sixty? Perhaps even seventy, at a push? Well, no. You can expect a typical Newmarket hog roast to serve over one hundred people with some of the most incredible tasting meat ever, a remarkable amount which just goes to show what a bargain a hog roast really can be! It will certainly lower your costs per head.

Hog roast is also the perfect solution for a formal occasion as well as an informal party. Your chef can carve the hog roast into beautiful slices of meat, add potatoes, vegetables, crackling and sauce for the ultimate posh hog roast....or of course you can have the quite fantastic pig in a bun. Each is delicious and each will be extremely popular with all your guests.

So, where are you putting your money? Why back the unfancied and boring old catering when you be sure of a real winner with a Newmarket hog roast? It really is odds on that you will pick the pig!