Hog Roast Norwich

If you live in the city of Norwich then you may just get a little fed up with what many outsiders say about the place. They may just talk about the football team (and why not, they are an excellent team) or they may talk about Delia Smith and her infamous ‘let’s be having you’ half time outburst, or maybe about mustard? Well, there’s no reason to be fed up about this because Norwich can be rightly proud of all those things and a lot more besides.

Norwich is a proud city with a very rich history spanning hundreds of years. It was also England’s second city for a long time, though a population of some one hundred and forty thousand means that is no longer the case. Still, Norwich is considered the hub of Norfolk and is very much a thriving city. Something else that is thriving in the city is the rise in popularity of a certain Medieval dish and it is helping liven up events, special occasions and corporate functions throughout the area. Have you heard about the hog roast Norwich phenomenon?

Okay, maybe the word phenomenon is a bit strong, but when something comes from out of nowhere then you have to start considering the use of such words, because the rise of hog roast hire Norwich events is something that has taken everywhere by surprise. On the other hand, people like our friend Delia would argue that it is about time that the humble hog roast made a triumphant return. Well, it seems that it has done exactly that.

A hog roast Norwich event represents the very best way in which to not only provide your guests with some of the very best food you can get in the catering world but it also gives you a visually stunning option that shows your guests that you really care for them and want them to have a fantastic evening. You may be thinking that this all sounds very expensive and extravagant and you’d be right, it does sound expensive...but it is not.

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Bringing in a hog roast hire Norwich chef is a masterstroke of quality, showmanship and economy. For a start, a hog roast is one of the most accommodating catering options you will find. Of course, you would be surprised if a whole pig did not feed quite a few people, but just how many were you thinking? Thirty? Forty? Fifty? Well why not double that and make it over one hundred! That’s right, a standard sized Norwich hog roast can feed over one hundred people which really is quite something and just underlines what great value it is.

The quality? Well, that comes from enjoying some of the best meat you can find, and that is all down to your hog roast chef. You may have been thinking that that cooking the hog roast simply involved finding any old pig from the butchers and shoving it on the spit. Wrong. There is an awful lot more to a great hog roast than that. Finding the meat is the first step and even that is not so straightforward. Delia would tell you herself that the meat used in any dish has to be great quality if you want to be anything but ordinary, and that is why you simply cannot choose any old pig for a hog roast. Hog roast pigs have to be well reared with an optimum amount of fat to create the perfect crackling. Oh yes, and make sure they are from a top local supplier, too. That’s something that should not be a problem in this corner of Norfolk.

And then it is a case of a slow roasting for the pig. And when I say slow, I really mean very slow. It takes around six long hours to cook a hog roast to perfection, and, as I’m sure Delia would agree, slow roasting really does make a world of difference, producing tender, succulent and juicy meat the like of which you are unlikely to have experienced anywhere else and definitely not at a special occasion...unless it was a hog roast, of course! Whether you have your meat on a roll as a pig in a bun or as a gourmet sit down dinner, the taste and quality of hog roast always shines through. So when it comes to catering in Norwich, there is only one option that truly cuts the mustard and that is a scintillating, succulent and wholesome Norwich hog roast.

History tells us that there is a corner of East Anglia that was once the second most important city in England. It is a city steeped in a rich past that blends traditional and modern. It is a city of some one hundred and forty thousand people, with one of the most recognisable football teams and one of the most distinctive foodstuffs around. It is of course Norwich.

Norwich was one of most heavily populated cities in the country until the industrial revolution, but whilst Norwich is no longer the heaving mass of people that it once was, its importance in Norfolk and in England as a whole should not be underestimated. This is a city that loves good food and knows the true greatness of a hog roast. Let’s be having you, hog roast Norwich, as Delia Smith might say! Norwich market remains a popular place to buy local produce, showing Norwich residents know a thing or two when it comes to good food. Indeed Delia Smith, one of the city’s most famous daughters knows her food better than most, so I am sure that she would love to dine on a fine hog roast whenever she is not too busy cooking or watching her beloved Norwich City football club. ‘There’s only one Hog Roast Norwich’ doesn’t have the quite the right ring to it.

Perhaps the rich cultural and historic nature of Norwich has helped make the city’s people enjoy their food even more, so hog roast will no doubt feature prominently on the menus at big Norwich social events and festivals throughout the year. Hog roast and Norwich is a true marriage of two fine vintages. Norwich’s history is comprehensively documented and it is well known that hog roast has been the food of the land’s most important characters for centuries, dating back to medieval times.

So, what is the lingering appeal of the hog roast and what makes it so special? Well, for a food loving city like Norwich it must be the combination of quality meat and professional cooking. A hog roast is only as good as the quality of the pig used, which is why any hog roast caterer worth his salt insists on using only the finest quality pig for every hog roast he or she undertakes. And then there is the hog roast cooking process. Well, this is where the magic takes place as this is a real labour of love, just like watching Norwich City, some might say. Each hog roast requires six long hours of cooking to bring out the best in the pig. During those six hours, the flavours are slowly developing to give one of the best taste sensations you will find at any event anywhere, let alone a hog roast Norwich function.

I have never tried hog roast with Norwich’s most famous food accompaniment, Colman’s Mustard, and I am not entirely sure it would go that well, but it may be worth a try. One thing that certainly is worth a try is hog roast at your next Norwich function.