Hog Roast Orpington

Through the leafy suburbs of Orpington, Kent, amongst the popular strip of restaurants that gather on Orpington road and the High Street, a unique flavour breezes through the nostrils of all in a 200 yard radius.

A cuisine admired across the globe is that of the ‘Hog Roast’.One I have the pleasure of working with on a regular basis. To genuinely appreciate the sheer delicacy of a Hog Roast Orpington is not just ‘having a thick bacon sandwich’ but, honouring the pig itself and appreciating what the animal is capable of providing for a lot of very hungry people that seek more than just a BBQ.

Here, we have a lot of pride in what we choose to eat so a ‘Hog Roast Orpington’ has become a staple during hot summer evenings. I choose to prepare my ‘Hogs’with salt and herbs such as sage which are rubbed into the pig’s skin using plenty of olive oil. I then score this using a Hickory knife that must be kept clean and sharp.

Being English, It has been bred into me from a very young age that ‘crackling’ is something that many Englishmen would swim to ends of the earth for. My hog’s boast as much crackling as you could possibly want.

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My Hog Roasts ensure that everyone gets whatever they want to eat. The meat is cooked for 12-14 hours at 200 degrees and always retains pure succulence and flavour that can only be achieved from slow cooking.

Having worked in Orpington for 13 years, I find that the Hog Roast craze has taken off in a big way during the hotter months. I catered for a party of 500 people down on London Road Recreation ground, for this specific party, I worked on preparing 3 hogs and found nothing but great feedback from all of my al fresco diners.

I’ve often wondered about what it is that draws people in towards a roasting pig, is it the look? Is it the weather? No. It is the sizzling pork breeze that has turned many a vegetarian back into a fully fledged meat-eater.

I must add that a large bucket of ice, cold beers and white wine is also an essential part of the dining experience, there is no substitute or finer coupling than this.

The first hog roast I ever tried was here in Orpington, I attended a car show where outside catering was present. The English summer was in full swing and my father bought me a pork sandwich and from the second I chewed on the juiciest and most flavoursome meat I had ever sampled, I was hooked.

I have experimented with many different sauces and marinades over the years in my profession, I have also travelled and sampled different hog roasts internationally. But there is nothing that compares to one of my Great British hog roast Orpington, no nonsense, just tender meat, perfectly baked crackling all in a soft white bun during a long hot summer night.