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Oxford dates back to Saxon times and has a vast wealth of history, Oxford was damaged during a conquest hundreds of years ago and the town was assigned a governor, who ordered the construction of Oxford Castle. Today it is home to one of the most prestigious Universities in the world. Having always been fascinated by this wonderful town with its charismatic buildings and full of interesting people. Back in 2000, I wanted to do something different, coming from the City and sick of the hustle and bussle of the mundane 9 to 5 heavy commuting I decided there and then to give my life long dream a go and open a catering business. And there I began Hog roast Oxford catering and it has excelled even beyond my wildest dreams! I some times cannot believe how far I have come and I am really shocked when I look back at my profits, which grow rapidly each year. We pride our self’s as being one of the most first class catering companies around. Hog roast hire Oxford work seven days a week and 12 months a year we never close! We now have a large number of staff so we are always well covered and our staff work shift patterns usually to suit their needs so we keep everyone happy. It is really easy to book an event with us, firstly after you have initially rang us we arrange to meet you in person and one of our booking staff will then present you with a taylor made menu to suit your needs. We will work with any budget and give you nothing but quality. We include the pig in your package as most want hog catering for that reason alone. But it is entirely up to you, you can opt for our other meats if you prefer as we can cook racks of chicken, turkey and lamb. Our pigs are though normally the main focal point and get everyone talking. When we come to you we set up the machines instantly and get the meat on the go, our pigs are specially prepared and once on the machine there is virtually nothing to do apart from prepare the skin near the end of the cooking time to produce the wonderful crackling that we are famous for! We lay the tables and get to work on cooking the other dishes that you have selected to accompany the meat.

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As your guests start to arrive our friendly staff greet then with refreshments show them to their tables. Once the pig is cooked we then normally have the guests on their feet and they crowd around to witness the carving. Our staff our experts in their field and Hog roast Oxford catering search long and hard for only the best chefs. We even get requests from guests for pictures taken around the pig, which we are happy to oblige as after all the pig is normally the star of the show! And that is exactly what we do from start to finish we put on a spectacular show our chefs bring out their selection of knives and sharpen them to perfection and we always hear gasps as the meat is carved as it really is a sight to see! Our staff get the food quickly on the plates as we want you to enjoy the meat nice and hot and then the room normally falls silent! It is all about the taste and it really is a joy to see the look on their faces, as they taste meat hog roasted for the first time. Hog roast hire oxford have seen it all before but always it is a joy to see and when at the end of the day we are rushed off our feet hot and tired then to know that you and your guests are happy makes us so happy too! Your guests usually leave full and content and there is normally not much left as once your guest taste the succulent meat they usually want more and clean plates is what we love to see! We don’t leave until every thing is tidied away we take away all the rubbish and leave your venue the way we found it. If you are thinking of hosting an event then look no further we can offer you the best around at an affordable price and event where you can sit back without the worry as from beginning to end you are in safe hands.

I love a good detective series and I really don't feel that there has been a better one in the last thirty years than good old Inspector Morse. Everything about it was simply classy, from that vintage Jaguar Mark 2 to the stunning university settings that he and Lewis would so frequently visit. Even the music was so just better than the rest. But what I want to know is why so much crime seemed to be happening in what seemed to be a wonderful city such as Oxford? Of course, I am sure that Mr Dexter was well aware that he needed to make the city seemed a little darker than it actually was and the reality is very different I am sure in this majestic old city of over one hundred and fifty thousand people.

One thing is for sure and that is that there will be plenty of parties and functions going on in and around this city every week and It is my guess that a fair few of these will be hog roast hire Oxford events, but why do I believe that? Well, hog roast is special and it that a city as great and traditional with such a fascinating history should take time to enjoy a true classic of British cuisine, because that is exactly what hog roast is. It is indeed a real legend in catering and I am pretty sure that many of the history books which grace the libraries in the University will have frequent references to hog roast and to the many noble characters who have enjoyed it in their time.

Of course hog roast Oxford events are not confined to the students and the learned lecturers these days, in fact hog roast is a far more affordable feast than it ever was in years gone by. Not that it looks any less grand though, for a hog roast still makes a quite marvellous and imposing dish that will impress all those that are lucky enough to see it. It may look like the perfect culinary match for the university's magnificent architecture but hog roast is the catering choice for many other events, in fact you are finding that hog roast is becoming a very popular catering choice for a whole manner of events up and down the country. Does this make it any less special? Of course not, for it is still the superb tasting feast that it always has been, with succulent meat, crispy crackling and a whole some taste that nothing else can beat. The fact that more and more people are able to share in this incredible meal that uses quality locally reared meat can only be a wonderful thing. But, as a lover of this great city, hog roast Oxford events will always remain a truly magical event in the calendar and I for one would always encourage anyone to make sure that, given the opportunity, they should always try to enjoy a hog roast in these perfect Oxford surroundings.