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Here at hog roast Padiham we make hog roasts to the highest of standards. Padiham is a small town on the River Calder, surrounded by beautiful, scenic countryside and the foothlls of the Pendle Hill. Padiham market is still held every Wednesday and Friday; it is a centuries old tradition. There’s a lot of history here, including an old church, a cotton mill and five halls. The town expanded and was substantially redeveloped during the Industrial Revolution and the central area is now a conservation area. Padiham economically declined from the sixties onward, but a business park, Shuttleworth Mead, opened in 2001 on the west side of the town.

At hog roast Padiham we do hog roast catering, including crackling, decorations and bread rolls as standard. We also provide hog roast hire Padiham for those with a more hands on approach, who prefer to hire hog roast machines from us and do it themselves. Because Padiham is quite a small area, we mainly find ourselves catering for birthdays, weddings and private parties more than public or corporate events; though we still get to cater for (and hire out to) a very wide variety of events.

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Hogmanay and New Years’ was a very busy time for the team, and it was a bit of a relief today to get back into a less rushed work routine. The holidays may mean time off work for most people but not for caterers (and the emergency services, of course). Glad as I am to settle down now, I did enjoy the festive season; it often surprises people that catering for parties is a lot of fun. It’s nice to see the enjoyment and great service your team is creating for the clients, and seeing people enjoy the hog roast the kitchen staff spent so long preparing, helping to shape and provide a backdrop to a great night. New Year and Christmas is all about being happy and getting together with family and friends, and we help make that happen. Over the holiday season our team catered for parties in people’s houses, hotels, pubs, community centres, anywhere you can think of. While I love catering, we also get lots of people wanting hog roast hire Padiham.

Today we catered for an engagement party in a local hotel. We arranged the tables, decorated the room with gold-coloured balloons as the couple had requested, and set out the bread rolls, condiments and serviettes. At last we wheeled the hog roast machine into the room and put the roast inside it, where it began to turn slowly. Heat started radiating from the roast and its delicious scent of hog meat pervaded the room. I could smell the applesauce on its reddish skin, and the spices deeper within the meat. It smelled yummy. (And they taste good, too). I sometimes wish I could eat the hog roasts as they look so delicious

I also enjoy is waiting on people and providing great customer service. Our team takes pride in giving good customer service. At this party, our team was busy pouring drinks and greeting guests until it was time to carve the roast. We always try to make the carving look good at hog roast Padiham. It is a bit of an event in itself, as everyone always looks at you while you’re carving it.

The party went very well and everyone had a great time. A few of the guests told me that this was the first time they had ever tried a hog roast. Afterwards, when the guests had left and our clients said we did a great job, other members of the team tidied up while I went with the rest of the team to deliver a hog roast machine on the other side of Padiham. We were hiring a machine out for a 21st birthday party in a pub.

We managed to find the place easily enough. When we got there, we carried the machine out of the van and the bartender got the manager to show us which room to put it in. We wheeled the machine through into another room and soon had it set up where they wanted it. Then we checked it was working, which we always do here at hog roast hire Padiham. Then we showed the clients – the newly 21 year old and his mum - how to operate it. It’s really easy to operate; once it’s on it’ll just keep turning.

Well, that’s all from me for now.