Hog Roast Peel

When is a city not a city? Trick question? Well, maybe. You see Peel on the Isle of Man is often called the island’s only city because, like many other cities, it has a cathedral. It doesn’t really matter that Peel is not a true city though, for it has lots more going for it, although it could be argued that being a town on the beautiful Isle of Man is enough on its own.

Home to over four thousand people, Peel is a thriving town and is also home to Peel Castle which dates back to 1392 and of course kipper production. Now, I don’t know how long kippers have been smoked in Peel and maybe they were being smoked way back in the thirteen hundreds, but I suspect that a more popular dish in Peel Castle at the time would have something a little more grand. After all, it would take a fair few kippers to cater for a large castle banquet. I think a far more likely source of dining matter would have been a hog roast Peel style banquet. In fact it can be difficult to envisage anything but a hog roast being cooked in a castle!

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Hog roast may not be the food people think of first when they think of Peel or of special event food but that may all me changing soon because the not so humble hog roast is making a return to a special event near you. Hog roast hire Peel times could be getting very busy indeed.

Peel is following something of a growing nationwide trend that is seeing hog roast become increasingly popular as the first choice when it comes to sourcing catering for that important event. It’s not before time though, as hog roast Peel occasions will certainly make a welcome change from the events where special occasion was anything but special. Special occasion food should be the kind that makes you sit up and take notice, makes you eager for more and that gives you long lasting memories of a great meal at a wonderful event.

Catering for a big event can be a nightmare and many an event has been ruined for the organiser by poor catering. This is never the case with a hog roast chef, as they will ensure your hog roast is exquisite. You won’t have to worry about anything, and that includes the not so small matter of sourcing a top quality whole pig from a reputable supplier. That quality pig is going make your Peel event a special one, and the slow roasting undertaken by the chef guarantees great flavours. Hog roast really benefits from slow roasting like nothing else. Incredible flavours and some of the most amazing, crispy crackling is one of the reasons slow is the way to go!

Even the Isle of Man hasn’t escaped the pain of the world economy, so you may be looking for areas where you can make a saving or two, just like everyone else? If so, hog roast has just ticked another box off for you. There cannot be many catering options where one joint of meat can serve over one hundred guests, with great tasting meat at that! Hog roast really could help boost your per head budget.

Hog roast Peel really does it all, and then some. It’s a traditional meal really fits in with the wonderful Peel surroundings, it’s a chance to sample top quality meat, slowly cooked for up to six hours for guaranteed great flavours, it’s an opportunity to see your meal being cooked right before your eyes and it’ represents one of the very best value catering options in Peel and the UK. If you were in any doubt as to what catering to book for your Peel event then you really don’t need to look elsewhere. Pick up the phone and speak to a Peel hog roast specialist today.