Hog Roast Peterborough

Lying 75 miles north of London, Peterborough in the County of Cambridgeshire has a population of over 184,000 and has had human settlers since before the Bronze Age. During the reign of King Charles I civil war divided the city into the royal supporters known as the ‘Cavaliers’ and the Parliamentary supporters known as the ‘ Roundheads’ but rest assured we are all friends now!

It was this rich history in Peterborough and the propinquity to the Capital City that led me to start the hog roast Peterborough company ‘Chef and Griddle’ a number of years ago. As hog and spit roasting has grown more and more in esteem for private parties in recent years we have seen what is actually a return to a very traditional way of feasting in this Country.

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One of our most memorable clients chose to hog roast hire Peterborough ourselves as the perfect accompaniment to their medieval themed wedding which covers the period between the fall of the Roman Empire to the Reformation. The happy couple got hitched in their medieval costumes of a blue and white wedding dress for the bride as blue was a colour which represented purity and a crown of traditional Orange blossom which would have been very expensive at the time. The groom wore a knight’s costume and arrived on a white charger bounded by men at arms. The grounds of Peterborough Castle where the ceremony and reception had taken place were decorated with medieval tents and dotted with strolling musicians playing lutes and harps.

There really could be no better banquet for the occasion; you could even say it was fit for a king! It was requested that our team wear costumes provided by the couple to fit in with the fully themed occasion which we were only to happy to oblige and made the event really enjoyable for ourselves too. We catered for a large number of guests and provided several hog roast Peterborough were cooked outside in the grounds of the castle on spits under some of the tents, it was a spectacular sight to behold. We thoroughly researched very traditional side dishes for this event as the couple did not want the popular but modern potato salads or coleslaw type accompaniments, we decided upon chunks of crusty bread, salads of loose lettuce and herbs and sauces for the meat to be dipped such as almond, ginger and garlic and also a marinade of vinegar, saffron, rosemary and pepper. The attention to detail was really amazing on this job and it was all worth it as the wedding was a huge success.

Had the couple wanted to hog roast hire Peterborough the spit roasting machines themselves and provided their own friends and family to cook and serve the hogs this could have been an option open to them, but in this case they had so much other organising as with any wedding they decided to leave it all up to the experts at ‘Chef and Griddle.’