Hog Roast Pontefract

A town that is named a after a broken bridge would appear to have something either wrong with it or have a deep sense of humour. I suspect it is the latter as there is certainly nothing wrong with the fine old historic market town that is Pontefract. I am sure that the twenty eight thousand people who call this Yorkshire town their home would heartily agree with me!

This really is a traditional market town with market days twice a week, so this is a town that certainly knows all about great food (well, it is the home of the Pontefract cake) so you would think that the folk who live here would know a thing or two about great catering, too? Well, you would be quite right because the hog roast Pontefract event is certainly becoming a very common occurrence in these parts and that is set to continue for a long time to come. So what is so special about hog roast?

Well, what is not special about a hog roast hire Pontefract catered for event? Hog roast has to have been one of the most overlooked dishes in British history. Every time you sample a hog roast, it seems daft that here is a Medieval regal feast that has been languishing in the shadows for decades unloved and unwanted. It beggars belief that while hog roast has been left on the shelf as a catering option, people attending events in Pontefract - and indeed everywhere in the UK – have had to suffer the taste desert that has been criminal catering; the same sad, lacklustre options that have given party and event catering a terrible reputation. You cannot help but feel a sense of guilt that, all this time, we could have been tucking in to a proper feast that was freshly cooked, used quality ingredients and that looked amazing. Yes, we could all have been enjoying a hog roast Pontefract catered for event. It simply does not make sense, but at least the worm has turned and things are changing at a rapid pace. Are you going to do your bit?

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Yes, you can help make sure that the hog roast hire Pontefract event is going to help see off the days of terrible event and special occasion. We need people to make a big change in their catering habits and turn to the hog side. In short, you need to make sure that the next event you plan, be it a birthday, christening, anniversary, wedding or corporate event, is going to be a Pontefract hog roast event. You will be amazed at what a difference the power of spitting pig could make to your event.

Hog roast is a big food with big flavours, big personality and it makes a big impression. Isn’t that what a special occasion food should be all about? I think so and you will think so too when you have experienced your first hog roast event. Hog roast chefs choose only the very best quality pigs for these events and that means a local reared pig that is perfect for roasting. Honestly, you really can taste the difference!

Hog roast tastes so brilliant because of the great meat but also because it is slowly roasted on our special hog roasting machines. These machines were specially developed by us to provide the chefs with the optimum hog roasting facility. Obviously a big Medieval style fire to do the roasting over is out of the question, and these hog roasting machines are much better anyway. They not only look quite superb, they make a great place to show off the hog roasting to all your guests. Watching a pig being roasted is quite exciting! Back to the slow roasting, it really is quite slow. In fact it takes about six hours to cook the perfect Pontefract pig but you really do feel the benefits. All the incredible flavours from the bones are soaked up by the delicious meat to give you an incredible mouthful of delicious flavours. It’s a million miles from experience you would get with any other catering option. Cold pizza? Sausage rolls? No thanks!

It is time that we all showed our respects to the hog roast in the best way possible and that is to ensure we never let it take second place to boring event and special occasion catering ever again. It is time to stand up for amazing flavour and make every special event a Pontefract hog roast occasion!