Hog Roast Portsmouth

The UK’s geography has meant it has always relied on its island status for security and strategic power. The importance of our island status at keeping the German forces at bay in World War II can never be underestimated, and our naval forces have always played a pivotal role in the UK’s security and in conflicts overseas.

One place in the UK where this naval importance is always uppermost in the mind is Portsmouth. There can be few cities in the world that play such a key role in its homeland’s security. Portsmouth remains as important a port as ever, even more so with Portsmouth shipyard’s work on the two new aircraft carriers, which will employ over three thousand people.

There is more to Portsmouth than the port and shipbuilding, of course, but the two hundred thousand plus people in this Hampshire city are indebted to the success of the port, indeed a tenth of the city’s workforce rely on the naval dockyard. But what do they rely on when it comes to choosing great food for that important Portsmouth function? Is hog roast Portsmouth’s food of choice?

The hog roast Portsmouth question? Well, a few years ago, people may not have even considered hog roast as a catering solution for a Portsmouth function, but times are changing and hog roast is enjoying something of a surge in popularity across the UK. This may seem strange for a food which, well, was never really considered as an option for parties and events ten years or so ago, but when you look into the world of the hog roast, it’s a wonder why it has taken it so long to catch on!

Of course, a lot depends on the nature of your Portsmouth event. Is it a family affair such as a christening, anniversary or birthday with a mix of generations all happily mingling and wanting to have a good laugh and a dance? Is it a charity fund raising event where you want to keep things a little more sedate? Perhaps it’s a formal marquee event such as a wedding, where everything has to be ‘just right’ and the food has to be spot on? Or are you planning to wine and dine some important clients or business associates with a view to securing some all important new business?

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You’ll be pleased to know that the hog roast Portsmouth magic works at any event! Hog roast is one of the most versatile catering solutions that you are likely to find in Portsmouth and without doubt one of the very best tasting. The pig used by the hog roast caterer is a top quality animal so you can be sure of great tasting meat. The fresh cooking means your hog roast is a slow cooked feast rather than a fast food, tasteless fix. Served on rolls or beautifully presented with vegetables, a Portsmouth hog roast is the perfect solution whatever the occasion and whoever the guests are. Hog roast has something for every Portsmouth event.

Portsmouth is the second largest City and one of the oldest in the UK. Portsmouth is so proud of its heritage and famous for shipping through the ages. It is still a Naval base today and has a very popular ferry port, with the public commuting to and fro. I have lived in Portsmouth all my life and knew that the only place I would ever set up my new business was home. And I did just that with the help of my wife last year. Hog roast Portsmouth catering is our baby! Since our three children flew the nest we were at a loose end. My wife and I had both been working in the catering business but always wanted to start up on our own. It had always been our dream. We had always been keen hog roasters and decided that Hog roast hire Portsmouth we would begin. This is our first year in business and we began last summer it was peak season and we were inundated with orders it really took us by surprise and summer seemed to come and go! We thought things would go quiet at the end of last year but we were so wrong as we had the Christmas rush! Hog roast Portsmouth catering were rushed off our feet last Christmas we had orders for day and night and trundled through deep snow to get to our customers and it was fantastic we never thought we would be so busy. So we are so excited for the year ahead and have had to date quite a few orders for the coming months. Hog roast hire Portsmouth cook the most delicious meat pigs to perfection we say! Our supplier is the best in Portsmouth and has a fantastic name he has been supplying us since we started and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. We have taken on three waitresses to help and interviewing at the moment for two more! My wife and I concentrate on the cooking and the waitresses serve the meals and set the tables it all works really well. We now offer the most delicious applesauce and gravy which is going down a treat and we do not charge for these. We are often asked the secret of our crackling and there really is no secret, it is simply the fact that it is roasted and not cooked on a conventional oven hog roasting is the only way to cook perfect crackling. We can cook any meat you desire on a hog roasting machine chicken is a favourite and turkey was so particularly popular at Christmas guests were so surprised at how succulent the turkey was and guests were coming back for more and more. We had a fantastic time during Halloween and Bonfire night doing two large events for a display and a party. For those we did buffet and cooked racks of lamb, chicken and put the meat into buns for sandwiches, we made sausage rolls and dips and this went down really well. At Christmas we did a three -course lunch for a corporate event and this was our biggest achievement to date we were so busy that day and never stopped from first thing in the morning until late evening but it was well worth it as we felt after doing that we could do anything as it was a huge challenge and we really did pull it off. Hog roast catering is bigger and better than we ever dared to imagine we really pushed our self’s to the limit last year and were rushing here there and everywhere, day and night seven days a week at our busiest peak but looking back it has all been worth it they say the first year in business is the hardest and it has been but we have had such rewards and met some fantastic people along the way. With our new staff and a new year we feel sure this will prove a success and we have gained a wealth of experience. Hog roasting has came such a long way in the past ten years as we have been doing our research and found lots of companies far and wide across the UK just like us and they seem to be doing really well. We may only be small at the moment but we are huge in commitment, dedication and determination we feel these are the three main points to a successful business and we are right on track…