Hog Roast Potters Bar

Potters Bar is a nice town – not a large town, and not a small place either. It has seven churches and in its history three rail accidents have happened here. There’s stuff to do here – a leisure centre, cricket, football, museum and cinema. So there is lots to do here, but some areas have a real village-like feel, with small independent retailers and quiet streets. Potters Bar also has a claim to fame as the location of two scenes in Matt Lucas’ and David Walliams’ comedy sketch series ‘Little Britain’.

We are hog roast Potters Bar caterers. We do hog roast Potters Bar events which includes bread rolls, crackling and condiments) and for those who prefer to do it themselves we offer hog roast hire Potters Bar, where you can just hire a hog roast machine from us.

It is fun catering around Potters Bar because you get to met so many different people. Take today, for instance. First, we delivered a hog roast machine for a celebratory lunch inside one of the independent shops. They were celebrating the acquisition of a second shop in another town. We found the shop easily and wheeled the machine in. Then we had to carry it up a flight of stairs. That was difficult because the machines are heavy, but we managed it; it’s not the first time we have had to do this here at hog roast hire Potters Bar. Then we wheeled it into the room they wanted it in. We plugged it in and checked it was working. There were around 30 people squished into that room, while a couple of staff held the fort in the shop floor downstairs. Then we came back to our premises.

The receptionist informed me that there had been a customer enquiry in the time we were away, and he was unsure about an aspect of the enquiry. I called the client back and we hashed out the details. It was for a community event sponsored by a local nonprofit group. After we’d sorted everything out, I made a note of it and got back to some paperwork. We are always busy here at hog roast Potters Bar.

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After a while some of the team went out to pick up the machine from the shop.

Later, as evening came on, we delivered a machine for a birthday party in a community centre. This was for a man’s thirtieth. It always amazes me , the age range of the birthdays we do. I’ve done an 18th, a few 21sts, all the way up to people who are turning fifty and sixty. You’ think that hog roasts would be more popular with the older folk, but the young ones seem to think they’re pretty cool as well. Though sometimes I think the young people don’t really care if the food is cool or not, they’re just looking forward to going clubbing later (or having a house party or a disco in the community centre if they’re under 18 and haven’t got any good fake ID.)

A couple of hours later it was time to cater for a 10 year wedding anniversary in a local hotel. We put everything in the van and drove over. Then we put up balloons, set out the bread rolls and set the tables. We had to move some of the furniture around a bit. Finally we brought in the hog roast hire Potters Bar machine and the hog roast and soon the whole room was gradually filling with its scent.

Hog roasts smell delicious and I often feel like I want to eat them. You get used to it, though. The couple were pleased with the arrangement. They told me how they’d met – at a cosplay convention. Apparently cosplay is when you dress up as your favourite anime character. The wife was rocking the gothic Lolita style and her husband was wearing the boy version, though the styles were quite toned-down, not all garish pink like they often wear it in Japan. I don’t know much, if anything, about alternative styles but I think it’s ironic that a sweet, good girl style is labelled ‘alternative’ and apparently banned in some American schools (as the couple claimed – I don’t know if that’s true).

The guests arrived and we showed them to their seats. After a while we served the roast and everyone was having a great night. It always makes me happy to see our service and hog roasts make other people happy.