Hog Roast Radstock

As far back as 974 a certain Earl established the town of Radstock when he created a monastery there. The high street of Radstock is now a diverse mix of building styles with unique facades all facing the square where for hundreds of years Radstock has held its weekly market. As an extra bonus, every second Saturday there is a country market where you can find all the best locally sourced produce from within a 30 mile radius. And what better place to enjoy a delicious hog roast than a country market? At hog roast Radstock we pride ourselves on the tenderness of our freshly roasted organic pork; and we know you’ll agree once you’ve had a mouthful of our succulent hog roast with apple sauce and crackling.

We have spent 20 years perfecting not only our hog roasting technique, but our hog roasting machines too. We design and engineer all our own ovens. This means we can be versatile and create a whole range of food cooked in different styles from our own 100% beef burgers to rotisserie chicken and kebabs along with our signature hog roast Radstock. The machines even have pneumatic tyres just to make it that little bit easier to take them wherever they are needed. So if you wanted us to come and roast for you at the bottom of your garden but thought it might be inaccessible, we can assure you it isn’t: we’ll be able to wheel it down with no problem!

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All our roasting is done by qualified chefs who receive a high standard of training so we know that every single pig we roast is cooked to our exacting standards.

But it isn’t just meat we serve: our chefs are also able to make a variety of delicious salads on site so they are ready and fresh whenever you want to eat them. And if you have a sweet tooth we can also offer you a selection of delightful desserts.

It won’t even matter too much if the weather isn’t great for your function either as we always bring a gazebo wherever we are asked to cater, so on top of everything else we can even provide shelter from the rain or respite from the sun!

There is a rather grizzly story about how Radstock came by its unusual name: as legend has it the people of Radstock stole the relics of a saint from a Cornish monastery in around 1086. The outraged Cornish folk gave chase but were unsuccessful. The relics of the saint were re interred and the town became known as Radstock after the Cornish saint. After all that marauding the Radstock residents must have worked up a hearty appetite; if the hog roast Radstock hog roasters had been around then, they could have provided a wonderful feast for their return.

Fortunately, we live in less dangerous times, but hog roast Radstock can still cater for as many as 3000 guests. We can provide our excellent quality produce made from the best quality ingredients to satisfy the biggest appetites!