Hog Roast Redbourn

Redbourn is a charming village and one of the oldest cricketing locations in the country. We have an annual County Show and won a Village of the Year prize back in 2002. It is an idyllic place, but not a boring place to live – there’s plenty of stuff going on here. Redbourn also has a mill and even our own village museum. It has a very long history going back to Saxon times and in the more recent past it had a straw hat making industry.

We are hog roast Redbourn chefs. We offer both hog roast Redbourn and hog roast hire Redbourn. For clients interested in hog roast Redbourn, we offer a great catering service with crackling, serviettes and bread rolls included as standard. For those with a more hands on approach or who don’t require a catering service, we provide hog roast hire Redbourn , where clients can hire hog roast machines from us and do it themselves.

Although Redbourn is a village, we do get quite a lot of business. It’s very varied. Our team has catered for birthday parties, weddings, and the odd corporate event or community event. I very much enjoy this job because it gives me the opportunity to meet lots of different people. I’ve gotten to know the village well over the years.

Today we hired out a machine for an engagement party in a pub. We loaded one of our machines into the van and drove to the pub, where we met the happy couple. Their parents were there, too, and a couple of friends. I swear their family and friends seemed even more excited than they were. They were young, still at university, and expecting a baby. I don’t know why people even bother getting married these days, but to each their own and they were certainly perfect for each other. I got married quite young too and it turned out really well.

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We wheeled the hog roast machine into the pub and through into the function room. Then I plugged it in and checked it was working properly. It began to give off heat. The couple’s hog roast was lying on a table. It was all wrapped. I offered to help them put it in the machine (hog roasts are heavy).We unwrapped it while everyone looked on. Then we lifted it and put it in the machine, making sure it was secure. It began to turn and slowly the delicious scent of hog roast permeated the room.

Then we left, saying we hoped they had a great party and we’d be back in three hours (the agreed hire time) to pick up the machine. We drove back to our premises, where the chefs were preparing a hog roast for a retirement party in a local hotel. We put everything we would need into the van – balloons, the wine, condiments, the hog roast machine and the hog roast itself.

We got there with plenty of time to spare and I put up the balloons while the rest of the time took care of everything else. Soon everything was ready and the hog roast was turning in the machine. The retirement party was for a professor; she taught a bioscience. Science was never my forte so though she tried to explain a bit of it to me, I didn’t really have a clue what she was saying. She introduced us to her partner and grown-up children; her daughter is a sociologist and her son is a teacher. We chatted for a while until the guests began to arrive. Then our team was busy filling glasses and showing people to their seats. After a while we carved and served the roast and I received several compliments about how good it was. A few people said it was the first time they had ever tried a hog roast. I love compliments. We do a good job here at hog roast Redbourn, so we do get compliments very often. Still, I never tire of hearing them!

Afterwards we tidied up and left everything clean and neat. The professor and her man thanked us and gave us a tip., saying we’d done a good job.

Then while some of the team went to pick up the hog roast machine we’d hired to the couple at the pub earlier, for me it was back here to catch up on paperwork. Our receptionist informed me of some customer enquiries. Hog roast catering is definitely a rewarding job.