Hog Roast Reigate

If you need to live in commuter belt territory then you may as well try and make it a fascinating place to live. Those journeys to and from the capital week in week out should be rewarded by living somewhere with a fine history and places of interest. Reigate certainly fits the bill. On the face of it you may wonder what is so special about this Surrey market town of some twenty thousand people but look a little closer and you may be surprised. For example, Reigate Castle is a fascinating relic, if not entirely as it was when first built. There is also a conservation area and Priory Park. Reigate really is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s also been a much studied town from an archaeological perspective with m any of the findings detailed in the local museum.

So Reigate’s history is a rich one, but what about its special event and catering facilities? Is that quite as rich as it should be? Well, it is looking like hog roast hire Reigate chefs could be getting increasingly busy. The reason is the new found popularity of another slice of UK history, the hog roast. Once forgotten, hog roast is now proving to be the perfect solution for special event catering up and down the country...and quite right, too. Hog roast Reigate really makes for a quite amazing feast, and the reasons for it not to have featured as a major player in catering for special occasions really are unfathomable.

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Hog roast Reigate style functions can really liven up and add a touch of Medieval magic with a modern twist to absolutely any event. Hog roast is special and gives you all those things you want from a special occasion catering solution: fresh cooking, great visual appeal, the best possible ingredients, smart or casual style serving options, incredible value and, of course, superb taste. How many catering options offer you all that?

Freshly cooking means cooking right in front of your guests! It may have been started off earlier but this cooking for all to see. The ingredients are simply top notch, too, with a whole pig from a quality supplier ensuring your Reigate diners are treated like royalty.

Do you keep things smart or let it be carefree and casual? Well, if your Reigate party is a laid back affair with laughing and dancing being most important, hog roast can be served on rolls for a delicious yet portable feast. As for the more formal event like a smart corporate function or posh wedding reception, you can ask the hog roast chef to serve the meat carved beautifully for a plate of gourmet quality pork.

As for great value, well consider this. Catering for a large number of people can be very expensive. Those per head figures can soon start to creep up and, before you know it, it has reached a stupid one way beyond your planned budget. You are then left with either cutting back on numbers or cutting back on quality. It is not the perfect solution by any means, but there is an alternative. Choose a hog roast caterer for your Reigate event and you will see that one whole pig provide over one hundred servings. You heard that right, one hundred plus. All of a sudden, your budget is back on track and you can maybe even add some guests to your list. Compromise is a terrible word when it comes to parties and occasions and if you event is for less than 100 people we are able to provide a small suckling pig if you decide to choose our hog roast hire Reigate services. Hog roast can help banish any catering worries you may have.

The hog roast Reigate chef can become your new best friend. If the worry and stress of sorting out the catering for that big occasion is proving too much, do yourself and everyone a favour and let the hog roast chef delight everyone with the wonderful flavours of a great hog roast. No compromises, just the very best hog roasts in Reigate.