Hog Roast Rugby

There are some inventions that that you simply could not imagine our lives without. What about the world wide web? It’s changed our lives and everything we do. Shopping, leisure, music...you name it, the web has revolutionised it. You are probably reading this article on the web, aren’t you?

Television, radio, the motor car, the phone. The list goes on. All remarkable inventions that we take for granted yet they’ve made an incredible difference to our lives. Another one is the jet engine. Now, how that has changed our lives. From being a scarily huge place, the world is now accessible within a varying degree of hours thanks to Frank Whittle’s pioneering work back in 1937. And where did he do all this? Rugby.

Rugby in Warwickshire is a market town that, thanks to Mr Whittle and his jet engine exploits, has helped shape the world. But Rugby is also the home of....well, Rugby. Yes, the game with the odd shaped ball was invented here, too! Another landmark invention, if not quite as impactful on the world, is the hog roast machine. Jet engine, Rugby football and hog roast Rugby? Alas no, the hog roast machine was invented elsewhere, but some would say it is just as important.

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Okay, the hog roast Rugby connection is a bit over the top, but it’s the little things in life that are important to us. After all, we don’t travel on jets every day and most of us don’t play rugby every week, but we all love a good night out or a bit of a ‘do’, don’t we? Exactly, and that’s why hog roast is so wonderful! And maybe there is a hog roast Rugby connection after all, because a town of sixty odd thousand people in it must see a fair number of functions and events organised over the course of a year and that means some opportunities for some hog roasting in Rugby.

Rugby is a land of inventors so that creativity needs feeding and there is no better power food than hog roast. Hog roast is a bit of an inventive food itself. It’s multi talented, capable of keeping diners at the most formal affairs in Rugby happy with its beautifully presented meat and delicate textures. But hog roast can be a party animal, too, with juicy meat for the best tasting rolls in Rugby and crackling that is the best you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.

Hog roast is also a meal of fascination. Like any inventor, it can be intriguing to watch as the magic unfolds...and this magic is culinary. The hog roast machine allows the hog roast caterer tom slowly cook the hog roast to absolute perfection for the Rugby diners. It takes around six hours to perfectly cook a hog roast but it doesn’t take a fraction of that time to eat it, even though the average hog roast does serve around one hundred Rugby guests.

Rugby is a town of invention, so do the town justice and be a little inventive with your catering by choosing hog roast for your main event.