Hog Roast Sandhurst

With the weather getting a bit nicer we are all starting to think about summer and a lot of us have special birthdays coming up this year, along with weddings and christenings but have you thought about catering? Hog roast Sandhurst catering are specialists in producing unbelievable food let us help with your plans. What we offer is a first class catering service we come to your event and with us we bring the finest meat you have ever tasted. We use the freshest pig, which are bread and reared naturally and slaughtered at the correct age for your event. We are central in this lovely town of Sandhurst probably best known for its famous military academy. Sandhurst has just recently undergone a huge redevelopment with housing and shops making it such a productive town Hog roast hire Sandhurst take orders for birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, leaving party, graduation in fact anything you can think of we can cater for. Hog roast Sandhurst catering are always up for a challenge and we have even catered for three thousand at one event it was an opening of a superstore and we were there catering for the general public this was our largest and biggest event and we had to hire in extra staff to help us on the day. Having said that we have also catered for twelve before! So it doesn’t really matter large or small we will be there. You can supply your own meat or if you wish we can supply it for you, and we are really reasonable and give you the meat at cost price you really won’t be able to get cheaper, but the choice is yours if you wish to bring your own you are more than welcome to do so. We cook the meat slowly to develop all the natural flavours and we have the cooking down to perfection.

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Hog roast catering will also cook you any other dishes you require for example we are often asked to supply seasonal vegetables which we cook fresh on site. We can also supply you with salad and dressings to accompany the salad. We have been asked to also supply chunky French fries, which is a favourite. Desserts are our speciality too! And we make scrumptious trifle, which is another big hit at our events. Hog roast hire Sandhurst are professional caterers with years of experience and we have all worked in the catering field for more than a century! You know when you book us you are dealing with the best. We would like to explain a little more about the pig the pig brings your guests together and is a great talking point and has everyone intrigued! No event is quite complete without the pig. We prepare the pig before the event and it is taken to the event and kept in the correct temperature until it is cooked. We score the skin especially for the delicious crackling and cover the skin in oil and sea salt to perfect the crackling when the crackling is removed and cut up it is the first thing that goes! Everyone loves the crackling and we are always asked how we do it and we answer we don’t the machine does. So whatever you have planned give hog roasting a try you will be surprised at the taste and the cost. I think we are all getting tired of the normal buffet we see at parties the boring sandwich, pies, sausage rolls and the waste I have been to several events where some times the food is hardly touched, well this never happens with hog roasting as the smell always works up an appetite and by the time the food is cooked your guests are normally starving! From experience we have never had any food go to waste everything is always ate, and some guests have been known to take some of the spare meat home the only thing we take home is the rubbish. If you feel it is time for a change and you want to experience something new then give us a call we are there ready to take your order and give you a wonderful day let your taste buds explode with taste by eating some real meat cooked the natural way with nothing added and nothing removed. Enjoy the splendour of hog roasting and make your event the party of the year we never disappoint we always deliver a first class service each and every time.