Hog Roast Scarborough

There is nothing quite so British and bracing as a family trip to the English seaside. It is as English as fish and chips (which is probably one of seaside's more popular dishes, come to think of it). The British people are blessed with many a wonderful seaside resort throughout the land and one of the most typical and well known of them all is Scarborough. Scarborough sits on the North Sea coastline of North Yorkshire, so whilst it is spared the problems of the wind swept west, it may not always be the warmest place in the British Isles. Not that this seems to bother the fifty odd thousand people who live in this great town. Indeed, the founders of this town were believed to be Viking raiders back in 966 AD, so they were probably more than happy with the climate!

Scarborough these days is a very modern, forward looking place, but even Scarborough has to look back in time as a way of moving forward and nowhere better is this illustrated than in the catering fashion currently sweeping the area and indeed the UK, for it seems the town is turning into hog roast Scarborough. So why is the town seemingly going crazy for hog roast? What is the reasoning for a lot of the spitting pig fascination? Well, there has been something of a blight affecting catering in the United Kingdom for some time now. It is something that has been slowly ruining events and functions across the land and there has been nothing in its path to stop it...until now. Boring, bland and lacklustre catering is the reason why catering for functions is often sneered at and talked about with such contempt. It spoils perfectly good events and quite literally leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Fortunately it seems that the rise of the hog roast hire Scarborough caterer is going to be the saviour of special event and function catering and spare us from the continuing domination by dreary food.

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Now it may be that you have never really considered a hog roast hire Scarborough caterer as a viable option for a special event, and if you were in the process of planning such an event such as a Christening, birthday, anniversary, wedding or even a big charity or work based event, you were probably busy looking up the very same old boring solutions I mentioned earlier. Well, please stop right there, because there really is no need to put up with this when a hog roast Scarborough catering solution is going to give you so much more in the way of flavour, value and entertainment. Trust me, you will be a hog roast fanatic once you have arranged your first hog roast event.

Hog roast is all about great tasting, wholesome, delicious, fresh cooking. Try applying any of those words to standard catering and you will soon come unstuck. We are in Scarborough after all, a town that is an exciting place to go and enjoy yourself. This town deserves great food, make no mistake. And thanks to the hog roast chef, that is jolly well what you'll get, starting with a superb quality locally reared pig that is hand selected so it is just right for a hog roasting. It even has to have just the right amount of fat for the crackling! Now there's dedication to the cause.

But how about this for real dedication to the Scarborough hog roast cause. Cooking each pig is not a quick job by any means, in fact it takes the talented hog roast chef a long six hours to cook each hog roast to absolute perfection. Six hours, all for your Scarborough guests! Now that makes a change from getting lukewarm pizza and chicken drummers!

All the cooking takes place on the very impressive looking hog roasting machine, something that we have developed especially for the chefs to not only cook the pigs beautifully on but also something that will show off the cooking pig in all its glory. Just imagine walking into your venue to be greeted by the stunning sight of a roasting pig. It really does give your guests a great impression of what's to come....which is going to be some of the most incredible tasting meat they will ever have tasted, guaranteed. Push the boat out without breaking the bank and make sure that your next event is a special one by making it a fantastic Scarborough hog roast event to remember.