Hog Roast Sevenoaks

The great storm of 1987 was certainly one to remember for man y people in the South east of the UK. The storm was unprecedented in its ferocity and left millions of pounds worth of damage in its wake. Trees across the region were uprooted in a night that weatherman Michael Fish amongst many others will want to forget.

Sevenoaks was one town that didn’t escape any damage. Six of the seven oaks that stood in the town were among those to be uprooted. There are now nine oaks in Sevenoaks, but there are no plans to rename the town Nineoaks just yet.

There are also definitely no plans to rename the town Hog Roast Sevenoaks, although hog roast is an increasingly popular catering solution at parties and events across the south east. Indeed, hog roast may have been enjoyed by the more wealthier people of Sevenoaks back in the sixteenth century at Riverhill House. It is the sort of grand house where you could have imagined a glorious fire to be slowly roasting a fine hog roast. Such a fine property would no doubt have come to life on such occasion with the hog roast Sevenoaks spirit giving way to evenings of celebration.

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If a hog roast Sevenoaks style sounds appealing to you then don’t worry, whilst a fine country house or manor is of course the optimum place to enjoy hog roast at its very best, they are by no means the only options. Rather than find a few million pound to invest in a huge property, a far more practical and less expensive solution would be to hire a hog roast caterer for your event.

Yes, hog roast caterers can bring the magic of a hog roast to your own Sevenoaks event, whether that is in a hired venue, your own property or at a hotel or conference centre. What also makes hog roast a superb option when it comes to catering is that it so supremely versatile. Most catering options tend to have limits as to what they are suitable for, for instance, hot dogs and pizza won’t really cut the mustard at a high powered business networking meeting and chilli con carne is a little impractical for a dj led event in the garden. The beauty of hog roast is that, whatever the Sevenoaks occasion, hog roast can adapt. So if you want formal, fine dining, hog roast can be carved and presented in stunning fashion – or served on rolls for a Sevenoaks informal bash.

More importantly, a hog roast Sevenoaks event will allow your guests to enjoy some of the very best meat they will ever taste at a local function. The flavours from hog roast are stupendously good and will everyone at your party or function asking for more, and that includes crackling - did I say how good the crackling was?

Can’t decide about the catering for your Sevenoaks function? Hog roast really does tick all the boxes without the need for a multi million pound property!