Hog Roast Shepton Mallet

The Chef and Griddle team visited Shepton Mallet this week. Home to the companies which produce Babycham and Brother’s Cider, there are several breweries dotted about the town, manufacturing some of Britain’s best loved alcoholic beverages.

However, the town is probably more well-known as the location for the BBC’s ‘Turn back time – the high street’ which brought old-fashioned shops, run by local families, back to the high street. The families were encouraged to use traditional methods to produce goods and were expected to run the shops in a specific way that tied in with the time period for that week. It was certainly interesting watching! As a caterer it was fascinating to see how the butcher’s trade had changed over time. What is wonderful about working for Chef and Griddle in the hog roasting industry, is how very little has changed when it comes to cooking our meat.

While our tried and tested hog roasting method is always a success, the ways in which we season and prepare the meat is always undergoing change so that we can guarantee the best flavour possible. Hog roasting is the most traditional way of cooking meat and our hog roast Shepton Mallet combines this long-established method with brilliant new technology. Our hog roast hire Shepton Mallet is of the best quality and we use the most up to date machines to roast our meats.

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That is why we were the first choice for a 10th wedding anniversary in Shepton Mallet. The couple had used hog roast hire Shepton Mallet for their wedding originally in 2002 and were overjoyed that they could have a hog roast again to recapture the magic of their special day. The couple opted for the roasted lamb and chicken and were so excited about the variety of choice on our menu. Not only could we recreate the specific menu that they had for their wedding but we added a few new options too, making the menu more varied and exciting.

The guests were so pleased that hog roast Shepton Mallet had managed to mark this occasion using our unique and personal service and make the day truly memorable for the couple. The husband and wife shared their memories of their wedding day with the Chef and Griddle team so that we could provide an accurate replication of the food choices on their day. What was obvious from speaking to them, was how important the hog roast had been to providing a tasty and interesting centrepiece for the day. Hog roast catering had been recommended to them by a friend and while they were originally unsure as to whether hog roast hire Shepton Mallet had been the best option, they were pleasantly surprised by the positive response on the day.

Both friends and family had commented on the warmth of the hog roast and how it provided a glow to the room that framed the joy of the occasion perfectly. That was why the couple had decided that there was no better way to celebrate their anniversary than by hiring our team to provide the perfect hog roast. Hog roasts are such a lovely way of adding warmth to any party and offer a point of interest for many guests who cannot believe that our traditional rotisserie can be so tasty! Being in Shepton Mallet and seeing how the couple appreciated the beautiful hog roast we provided for their anniversary and how having a hog roast at their original wedding event had really made their day, is what makes my job worthwhile.

Our wonderfully prepared and roasted meats have to be tasted to be believed. They will make any occasion special and unique and offer a memorable meal that you will want to recreate for every event! We enjoyed our day in Shepton Mallet, providing the perfect hog roast and customising the menu and requirements to suit our happy customers. No matter what the event or your requests for the menu, Chef and Griddle can accommodate all your needs and will make your event truly unforgettable!