Hog Roast Shipley

If you live in Shipley and you have a special event to organise, you really need to take five minutes and listen to my advice, for I am going to explain to you why a hog roast Shipley catering option is going to help transform your event from a standard occasion into something far more exciting. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be loaded to enjoy hog roast.

You may be thinking why you should go to the trouble of arranging for a hog roast hire Shipley caterer when you can simply get in the usual catering options like sandwiches, sausage rolls and chicken....but think again. These are the sort of foods that have been blighting perfectly good events for decades. These are the sort of catering options that people buy on their lunch breaks at work and not the stuff of special event catering. If you are holding a special event then try and put a bit of thought into serving a suitably special food. Make it a hog roast Shipley and you won’t go wrong.

You will certainly not be the first person in this Yorkshire town to make your event a hog roast hire Shipley catered event. You are actually going to following something of a growing trend. It seems that the interest in hog roast as a great catering option is really taking off, not just in these parts but in towns, villages and cities all over the United Kingdom. And it doesn’t seem to matter what the event is because hog roast is ideal for a multitude of different types of occasion. Shipley birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, weddings, corporate events, family get togethers, school reunions...they all can benefit from the great taste, flexibility and apparent extravagance of hog roast.

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Now, you may be thinking to yourself that you certainly do not want to be extravagant because that normally means spending good money and, just like everyone else, you are tightening your belt and watching every penny. Nothing wrong with that at all, but there really is no need to panic because a hog roast is not going to mean you need to work overtime, sell the family silver or remortgage the house. It may indeed look like one of the most expensive meals ever but hog roast is a bit of a bargain when you look a little closer. For a start, each whole pig is going to feed your entire guest list, unless you invite the whole street. That’s right, a standard sized Shipley hog roast can feed over a hundred people with ease which means that your per head budget is certainly going to be lower. And with over a hundred people, you might just be able to feed the whole street if it’s a small cul de sac!

You also need to bear in mind that you are getting a chef to do all the work, saving you all the hassle of sorting everything out and of course having to cook everything. Believe me, you will be grateful because there can be nothing more stressful than not only hosting a party but having to look after the food, too. You really do not want the bother.

Hog roast looks the absolute business. If you have never had the privilege of being invited to a hog roast before then you are in for a Shipley culinary treat to beat them all. There is nothing quite so fine as watching a hog roast being slowly roasted away for all to see. It looks so decadent and majestic, and the aromas are truly incredible. It will certainly be something in the way of entertainment for all your guests and reinforce the fact that they are in for some catering magic rather than the same old sorry excuses that are often served up. Of course, by the time your guests will have witnessed the hog roast for the first time, they will actually be seeing it in the latter stages of the cooking process as it takes a lengthy six hours to cook. Obviously that is too long for your guests to endure which is why it is started off early.

I would like to think that I have given you plenty of good reasons for you to choose a Shipley hog roast for your event. Great quality food, fresh cooking, extravagance without the cost and the hassle-free chef led experience. Surely, it simply has to a Shipley hog roast for your forthcoming special occasion, don’t you think?