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Have you ever thought about starting your own little business? Well we can help you do just that let us introduce our selves we are Hog roast Sindlesham catering and we are the party people! We cater for your guests at parties throughout the UK and hog roasting is what we do. We also have another side to the business Hog roast hire Sindlesham where we hire out our machines and you can hire one and host events just like us! And this side of the business has proven to be a huge growing success. We can deliver one of our machines to you anywhere in the UK and you can keep if for as long as you want. We also can bring with us the pig! And we will let you have the pig at cost price now that is good! We will also bring you a gas bottle and a dvd to show you how to operate the machine which to be honest is so simple. All you need is the event. We have three guys who regularly come back to us as they have all started to profit from using our machines for events, they hire a pack from us machine, pig and gas and then advertise and have been receiving orders obviously it is only small events but they are making profit, and we think this is so good, we also have regulars who book from us regularly when they go camping in the summer we have travelled in the middle of the countryside the actual middle of no where to drop a machine off once to a camping party, but that is the beauty of our machines they can be used anywhere. If you are hosting a larger event or you simply cant be bothered then you can hire us Hog roast Sindlesham catering will give you a day or night you will never forget!

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People will be talking about the party in years to come as the best party they have ever attended, we have heard it all before and we still love hearing it! We can cater for thousands at a time and we have done so on numerous occasions, we love huge events and we love nothing more than a challenge we work best when under pressure. We are surrounded by farms so we are so lucky that we have the best suppliers at hand. We get our pigs from the best farmer in Sindlesham and he also supplies us with chickens and turkey. We have a fantastic working relationship with him and he is the back bone of our company! We have another great farmer who supplies us with everything else we need, from the flour for our buns, the eggs we use in our cakes and the salad and vegetables for our events we feel so lucky knowing we can rely on the best people in the world right here in Sindlesham. Hog roast hire Sindlesham have an array of machines and they are polished regularly and well maintained. Christmas time we were really rushed of our feet and it was one party after another and New Year was another busy time. We have an order book that is fit to burst with lots of orders for the coming months and lots are just on our doorstep and those are the ones we love, We are a close community and we all know each others business here in Sindlesham so I always get so excited when I know we have a local event and we have lots! So whatever you are thinking of doing we can help, we can supply you with nibbles too! all home baked we make delicious bread sticks in a variety of flavours, dips and sauces that are so popular, another popular choice are French fries our French fries are man size! Big thick chunky chips crispy on the out side and soft in the middle these are so popular and everyone nearly always wants our chunky French fries. As always cooked fresh at the venue apart from the bread, which is actually only baked an hour before we arrive so you can still say our bread is the freshest you will ever find! Book today we have a full order book but we can still accommodate you as we have lots of staff and a warehouse full of machinery and suppliers that supply us with lots of produce yes we are really lucky let us share it with you...