Hog Roast Somerton

This week the Chef and Griddle team got the chance to visit the town of Somerton, Somerton is a beautiful town with lots of interesting things to do. One of Somerton’s most memorable landmarks is the market cross which stands in the centre of the town. An antiques shop nearby even takes its name from this famous tourist attraction, Market Cross Antiques! Other beautiful architectural works across the town include St. Michael’s and All Angels Church which is a grade I listed building. The pulpit and altar date back to the 17th century. Such quaint features mean that the town is really beautiful and it was lovely to be in such a community based area, making this catering experience a brilliant one.

While working in Somerton, the Chef and Griddle team had the fantastic opportunity of providing a gorgeously roasted hog for a small group of friends who had not seen each other in a while, which is why we love our job a hog roast is a great excuse to get together for a catch up with family and friends.

The original enquiry we received was actually a joke. One of the friends had heard about hog roast hire Somerton but wasn’t sure that it was a realistic option for their little gathering. How wrong they were! Not only did we provide the hog roast equipment and machine but we also supplied the juicy hog that they wanted to roast. Our team had chosen the perfect sized roast for the small group, meaning that they weren’t paying a fortune for meat they didn’t need but they had enough food left over for sandwiches at the end of the party.

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Our team also provided the crusty bread rolls and the delicious stuffing, crispy crackling and tasty apple sauce so that the friends had everything they needed for a brilliant party. Hiring and operating a hog roast machine is much easier than you think. The friends were overjoyed with their choice as it gave them the opportunity to try something new and prepare great food. Hog roast hire Somerton prepared and partially cooked the meat, making it even easier for the party to enjoy their hog roasting experience. The Chef and Griddle team believe that preparation is key to you cooking a trouble-free and exciting pig roast. That is why, every time we hire out one of our hog roast machines, hog roast Somerton offer delivery, collection, bottled gas, a wide variety of meat choices for you to roast yourself and of course fantastic staff on hand to assist with any queries!

While many people want to use the hog roasting machine themselves and enjoy the experience, we know that sometimes, especially if you haven’t hog roasted before, problems can arise. That’s why, before, during and after your hog roast hire, we are available to discuss any questions you may have. So, even if you just want to give us a call about our menu options, we’re literally a phone call away! send us an email It’s so easy to contact us today give the office a quick call we will be more than happy to find a menu to suit your budget and to ensure all your needs are met at an affordable price!

The friends in Somerton thought that it was a lovely touch that they had managed to cook and cut their own meat and were really pleased that their get together had such a unique twist. It meant that they could spend time together learning to use the hog roast machine and were thrilled with the results. Hiring one of our modern machines had allowed them to add a truly magical touch to their day. Hog roasts offer something different to any event and the friends had a really fun time cooking as well as eating their roast!

Hog roasts may sometimes be seen as an odd choice for a small get together but hog roast Somerton can provide meats for little gatherings as well as celebrations of titanic proportions. Our job is to cater to your every need, regardless of what those needs are. That is why the Somerton party were so pleased with their hog roast hire. Hog roast Somerton made it our priority to make the gathering go without a hitch and that is what we can do for you for any and every celebration.