Hog Roast St Albans

St Albans might not just be home of the St Albans abbey, as the locals insist it is called. As hog roasting has been taking place probably for over a thousand years it will have been a diet of rural Hertfordshire for quite sometime. These scenic settings and culinary know how make the area the perfect location for the spit rotisserie. What could be better than staring into the distance and hearing the sound of a hog roast St Albans pig slowly cooking, surrounded by friends and loved ones?

Your guests will be fascinated by the sight of a hog slowly turning over a natural fire. The whole feast will feel like a banquet dating back centuries gone by. But now rather than the spit being operated by a servant boy, the master chef takes control ensuring that during the possible six hours it can take to cook you are left with mouth watering pork at the end!

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There have been far more people taking cooking seriously since the dramatic rise in popularity of food programmes over the past few years. This has made almost everyone a food critic and gives any chef a proper challenge when attempting to make and cook a balanced menu. Thankfully hog roast St Albans have more than 20 menus to cater for every possibility, with our chefs working to their best when attempting something unique and original to enhance that special occasion.

If you are someone who isn't a fan of pork then you can adjust the menu by adding many different cuts of meat including spit roasted turkey, free range chicken and home made beef burgers. A hog roast is more than just a single course, however, with there being appetisers, salads, desserts and tea or coffee to finish. These are all served by experienced catering staff who quietly and efficiently clear the remnants of the feast away when the party draws to a close. Some events are even able to cater for up to 3,000 people, meaning that no request could really be too small for us to deal with!

Anyone looking for a more personal hog roast can even hire the spit for themselves, the pig is an optional extra. This gives the perfect chance to host a hog roast St Albans private party and show off to your friends and neighbours!

We pride ourselves in securing the best possible cuts of meat knowing that the strength of the roast relies upon the produce that is used. This also means the best possible cakes, vegetables and appetisers, with all parts of the meal being made and prepared on site. This allows for the proper home made feel.

The whole of the St Albans area is covered by hog roast St Albans, the dining experience provided is one to live long in the memory.