Hog Roast Stevenage

Hog roasting in Stevenage could date back thousands of years as man has lived in the area since about 200,00 BC. Technically this could make the hog roast Stevenage as much a part of traditional regional food as the Stevenage Lobby. This raw heritage makes it the ideal place for slowly cooking a pig on a spit, especially given the increased demand for traditional English food with the rise TV cooking shows. With the popularity of these cooking programmes everyone now thinks of themselves as a food critic, making the job of the chef a constructive challenge. Properly seasoning a whole pig is always going to be difficult, but with the years of experience our chefs possess hog roast Stevenage offer the whole package. The cooks have a vast array of culinary prowess and some might say this experience is best used when cooking up a menu that's an original customer request.

The hog is slowly roasted on a Spit Rotisserie until the meat is juicy and tender with this This way of cooking being as old as the hills. However, the name “Spit Rotisserie” was used first back in 15th Century France when the device was operated by a servant boy. People will flock round when the fire starts as the thrill of a hog roast Stevenage sparks something inside which will keep a party entertained all night. We are able to cater for a massive variety of events, offering a range of 20 menus to cover any needs which may arise.

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This is an event which requires a lot of preparation with a pig normally taking between four and six hours to fully cook. During this time the smells and the sounds coming from the roast will be truly wowing your guests, getting them ready for an incredible meal they definitely will not forget. This all begins when the first snap of the crackling is heard, truly whetting the appetite of the crowd. Don't worry about cleaning up either as this all comes as part of the hog roast Stevenage service, quietly disposing of any mess at the end of your event and leaving no trace of the party for you to find the next morning.

There is a massive choice in potential locations for a hog roasts as an electricity or water supply are not needed. This opens up the possibility for a feast take place near to many of Stevenage's prime locations and country houses. hog roast Stevenage don't only offer succulent roast pork, if hog isn't to your taste some of the other foods on offer include freshly cooked salmon, Thai chicken and sirloin of roast beef.

The entirety of the Stevenage area can be catered for by hog roast Stevenage, with a traditional English feast on offer. To mix up the menu a bit this includes finger foods, puddings, soups and salads to add that bit of extra flavour!