Hog Roast Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent. So good it was given a three word name. Okay, maybe not, but this Staffordshire city has a history two hundred and forty thousand residents can be proud of. It’s a city that often punches above its weight, in fact the city has two football clubs.

Stoke on Trent is of course best known as the home of the potteries, a name that comes from the area’s excellence in industrial scale pottery manufacture. Some of the world’s best know names in pottery manufacture have emerged from the area, Wedgwood being probably the best known. But maybe there is another name emerging in the area with something of a culinary twist. Hog roast Stoke on Trent, anyone?

Hog roast Stoke on Trent refers of course to the growing popularity of hog roast as the food of choice at a wide range of functions such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate occasions, birthdays, christenings and many more. So what is the hog roast Stoke on Trent secret to this new popularity?

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There’s a lot more to hog roast than you think, and it’s not the quality meat that makes for a stunning meal. If you are lucky enough to attend a hog roast, watch the attention being paid to it by the hog roast chef. A great amount of care is being taken to ensure hog roast cooking and pork perfection. With a Stoke on Trent hog roast taking six long hours to cook, you can be sure that the flavours are going to be pretty amazing. The people of Stoke on Trent (and indeed the whole UK) love their hog roast, and children are big hog roast fans as well. It could be the crispy crackling that gets them excited or the tender, succulent meat. Or maybe it’s just that they love watching the pig on the hog roast machine? Whatever it is, Stoke on Trent youngsters certainly enjoy it as much as the adults.

Hog roast really is the great value catering solution for any special event. It’s a complete catering solution in that it represents superb value for money, visual entertainment, cross age appeal, superb flavours and a freshly prepared feast instead of some sad excuse for good cooking! And if you were worried about inviting all your Stoke on Trent family, friends, relations and colleagues because you thought the catering would blow your budget, you may be in for a pleasant surprise when you see how cost effective hog roast really is. The typical hog roast will keep one hundred Potteries diners well and truly fed.

Quality products in the form of ceramics have been at the heart of Stoke on Trent’s success over the years, and despite being a medieval dish, the quality of hog roast has also shone through, finding itself a whole new generation of admirers in the twenty first century. Even supporters of the city’s two football clubs would agree that hog roast is a food that anyone would be quite right to shout out loud about!