Hog Roast Stowmarket

The River Gipping and The River Rat. They may not sound like the most appealing rivers in the world but they are certainly in a lovely part of the UK, that being the market town Stowmarket. Apparently the name Stowmarket is derived from the Anglo Saxon word ‘stow’ which means principal place. So, is Stowmarket really the principal place? Is this Rat Stowmarket or hog roast Stowmarket?

Hog roast Stowmarket, with its nineteen thousand strong population and market town status would certainly identify with the great flavours offered by hog roast. I wonder if the late great broadcaster John Peel, who lived near Stowmarket, enjoyed his hog roasts too?

When you think of Suffolk, you immediately think of picture postcard English countryside and just the sort of place that a hog roast Stowmarket event would be ideal. Indeed, the annual Stow-fest which is held here may be just such a venue for a good hog roast.

Think of hog roast and you can’t help but think of cooking from medieval times. It must have been something quite special to eventually tuck in to the hog roast once cooked. Remember that these when a hot meal was something of a treat. Maybe it is this inner medieval person in us all that has kept the magic of hog roast alive and is helping it enjoy something of a Stowmarket and UK revivals after years in the shadows.

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Hog roast certainly belongs in the spotlight because it can outshine any of the very standard catering solutions we see these days, including the unimaginative chicken drumsticks, barmcakes, unauthentic oriental rice dishes and many others. When you compare hog roast to these poor culinary relations, there is simply no comparison.

If you are planning a Stowmarket function or big event, maybe you should be thinking of taking the plunge and going the whole hog with a hog roast. It would be a great decision and one that your event guests will thank you for.

Wedding reception food is always a difficult one to tackle. But this is a special day so why choose something that is decidedly not special like another beef or chicken dinner? A Stowmarket wedding reception deserves something with a bit of sparkle. Hog roast can certainly provide the sparkle. The hog roast chef can prepare the hog in a formal style so that the cuts of pork are professional and appealing. With the addition of the stuffing, apple sauce, potatoes and the brilliant crackling, you have a Stowmarket meal to die for.

Hog roast is just as able when it comes to your corporate and marquee social events where great food can really help you win new friends and definitely influence people! Hog roast makes an impression not just because of the incredible slow roasted flavours but because of the visual dynamics of the hog roast chef. The eyecatching hog roast machine and the accompanying whole pig really looks the business.

Stowmarket really is the principal place and, with hog roast, it can boast a principal catering solution, too!