Hog Roast Stratford upon Avon

Are you getting married soon? Do you have a special birthday coming up? Perhaps a local Charity Event? Wondering how to cater for a large amount of people but not wanting to blow a massive budget? Then look no further Hog Roast Stratford-upon-Avon could be the answer you are looking for. Running an event is sometimes a huge and daunting task in itself without having to worry about catering, food, what types of food, food quantities etc... with Hog Roast Stratford-upon-Avon it couldn’t be simpler with our expertly trained team of Hog Roast Chefs taking care of your every need on that special occasion. Situated in Stratford-upon-Avon famous for being the birth place of World renowned scholar and Poet William Shakespeare and sitting on the River Avon the town is full of history and mystery so go with the feel of the olden days and get a Hog Roast for your event now, whether it be a Wedding, Birthday party, Corporate Event, Charity Ball or any other occasion large or small hog roasting is the key to a stress free, smooth running solution to other standard catering means, our team of expert Chefs will come set up the cooker and let it turn slowly cooking the honey roast pork to perfection while you sit back and take care of your other duties which is simply making sure everyone’s glass is filled and they are having a good time, its much easier to run your event and take care of the things you should be doing then worrying about food.

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You have to admit its a perfect way to be original, quirky and stand out from a crowd with food usually consisting of a boring buffet or a standard style menu people have tried a million times before. Hog Roasting really is that easy and simple, we can also cater indoors and out with our specialist equipment which is state of the art in the field of Hog Roasting, bearing that in mind again it gives you many options for events, where they can be held without the worry of your special day being ruined by rain and other factors outside of your control, regain that control with a traditional Hog Roast. Not only do we offer this phenomenal experience at a reasonable cost but we also offer you the chance to hire your very own Hog Roast Machine for that summer BBQ or whatever occasion you decide to use it for. Hog Roast Hire Stratford-upon-Avon style is a simple alternative to cooking yourself we can cater for all parties large or small, our team will come and set up your hog roaster in your garden or barn perhaps, as we say our equipment is state of the art and will not be matched anywhere, our Chefs are polite, welcoming, helpful but above all professionally trained to make sure your meats are cooked the old fashioned way with a modern twist, our Chefs also meet today’s strict Food and Hygiene policies and regulations making sure your day goes by without a hitch. All our Pork and other Meats are sourced locally offering you the best quality meats for the best prices available. One Pig will feed around 100 people comfortably so if your event is one for 200 people just order 2 Hog Roast Machines, this really is a way to feed everyone with minimal hassle, but with maximum taste and flavour, no need to worry about people eating it all as we assure you the quality is that high there will only be bones left over as you and your guests lap up the fresh meats and salads provided for you the consumer. So what are you waiting for? With Hog Roast Startford-upon-Avon offering you this trouble free form of catering for an affordable price everyone really is a winner. So make your day special and memorable with a Hog Roast Machine.