Hog Roast Sudbury

If I was to say ‘Mr and Mrs Robert Andrews’, would you know what I was referring to? It sounds like the sort of announcement you would make at a big event as the guests arrived, and I dare say that Mr and Mrs Roberts would have been quite important guests. Indeed they do look quite important on the very famous painting that is named after them.

Of course, Mr and Mrs Robert Andrews is the painting by that quintessentially English painter, Thomas Gainsborough, and Mr Gainsborough is probably the most famous name to come from the Suffolk market town of Sudbury.

Sudbury is home to around twelve thousand people and is every inch the typical English market town you would expect, especially one that produces such a typically English painter as Gainsborough. Perhaps Sudbury will also succumb once more to another Medieval English favourite? Hog roast Sudbury anyone?

Hog roast Sudbury isn’t another Gainsborough classic (for I do not know of any painting by him that featured hog roast) but it could be part of a new trend that is sweeping the UK that is changing the face of event food. It’s a trend that I‘m sure Gainsborough would approve of. Indeed I am sure he would have been at the front of any campaign promoting ‘hog roast Sudbury for the people’.

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It seems that people want more from their event and function food. People, at last, are more concerned about great tasting food that not only tastes incredible but looks amazing, too. That’s why hog roast is causing something of a stir in Sudbury and in towns and villages across the UK. People have had enough of lacklustre, tasteless and forgettable meals that leave you hungry. Hog roast has come back once more to fill the culinary void.

Each hog roast is like a Gainsborough masterpiece. Typically English and very traditional, but this is part of the appeal and why hog roast is making a name for itself in towns like Sudbury. People are realising that less is more and that the back to basics approach of old English cooking actually delivered incredible flavours.

Unwittingly, the hog roast has become a party animal, too. Any event needs a focal point, and you could not ask for anything more than a glorious, slow roasting hog roast to form that centre of attention at your event. Carefully tended to by the hog roast chef, hog roast is a masterpiece in progress. The only difference is that you eat this one.

You may have been served hog roast rolls at a Sudbury event in the past, so you will know already how great the taste is, but hog roast can go from informal to formal in no time. If your diners are important Sudbury business guests and associates, or local society personalities, hog roast can turn on the hog charm by being expertly presented as a fine plate of professionally carved meat.

Maybe Gainsborough should have painted ‘the Sudbury hog roast’. Just like the meal itself, it could have become a classic!