Hog Roast Sunningdale

In the sleepy village of Sunningdale famous for its golf course and rail station Sunningdale really lives up to its name! the village has a warm feel even on the darkest cloudiest days. Hog roast Sunningdale catering have been serving the community for nine years we have branches across the UK and we are looking to expand further. Hog roasting is the most natural method of cooking dating back hundreds of years using an open fire it was the first method of cooking, in countries around the world today hog roasting is still popular especially for big festivals and thanks giving and brings whole communities together. We have witnessed these events abroad and were fascinated and really wanted to bring hog roasting full on in the UK. Hog roast hire Sunningdale bring the ultimate party experience we put on such a show and we do everything in such style! We use the same old method but with a twist the twist is our machines, the machines are super cool stainless steel and run on gas they are so portable and can be used anywhere all you need is a gas bottle and away you go! Putting the pig on the spit on the machine is the only difficult part as it has to be placed central to cook even and once it is on that is it the cooking begins. There is something quite therapeutic about watching the pig slowly spin around the spit and the cooking of the pig always draws the crowds. The smell of the meat is just sheer heaven! Hog roast Sunningdale catering also cook other meats in fact any meat you want, chicken and lamb are quite popular and we don’t just cook one we have special adapters that clip onto our machines and we cook rows of chicken and lamb at the same time. Hog roast hire Sunningdale are experts in making the meat go a long way, when the meat is carved there is virtually no waste, we know how to savour every last strand of meat all that is left are bones!

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All our guests are really surprised when they see the carcass left and the host is always more than pleased as it keeps down the costs. Hog roasting has become so popular over the years and we know that more than anyone every week we are hosting an event and in the summer time we have been known to be working every day, it has really surprised us at just how big hog roasting has become never did we dare to imagine in all our wildest dreams that we would be going this strong today. Would you like to be a hog roaster for the day? Well with our help you can we have just launched our hiring service just this week you can select a machine or more if you wish and we will hire them out to you for as long wish be it one day or three weeks. We supply you with one free gas bottle and we can supply you with the meat. We can deliver a pig with your machine and who wouldn’t want one of our delicious pigs the pigs are the main reason people want to hog roast a lot of people who hire our machines are a little afraid to use it to cook a pig and we explain that is what the machines are designed for and it couldn’t be easier it is just like cooking chicken or turkey but it obviously takes longer all you do is get someone to help you clip the pig onto the machine it is easier with two people as the pig has to be fitted onto the spit it is really easy but two are needed our delivery driver will help you when he delivers your machine if you would like him to, once the pig is on the machine you just click the timer button flick the switch on and that Is it really could not be easier. We give you a leaflet telling you step by step how to make the crackling which is so simple and takes minutes to prepare the pig skin and we also show you how to carve which is really easy it looks so professional but to be honest anyone can carve we show you also how to make a delicious gravy using the juices and this goes down a storm amongst guests impress your guests and get hog roasting!