Hog Roast Sunninghill

Sunninghill is a beautiful village in the UK it is regarded as a sleepy village still retaining its rural feel, surrounded by beautiful housing some old and some new. Dating back to Anglo Saxon times records show that people were living here back in the 12th century, today it is popular for golf, and near the famous race course the people of Sunning hill like to dine and enjoy fine cuisine when debating about a new business venture we asked the locals what they would like and hog roasting was the name that came up time and time again. To be honest we had not heard that much about hog roasting we knew the basics but had never really looked into it, we scanned the internet and were amazed at the amount of people out there hog roasting. After three months of preparation ordering the machines and advertising for staff we were nearly there and Hog roast Sunninghill catering emerged! The first thing we did was get online and set up our website. The web is the best place to be seen and we found out all we needed to know about hog roasting from the same place. We got a friend to design us a swanky website and it really looks good! We have been live now for three years and had thousands of hits! Hog roast hire Sunninghill get most of their work via the web we get requests from all kinds of people and we get asked to travel miles to which we do. We found our meat suppliers and vegetable suppliers on line too! And it is a great way of contacting our supplier and doing our orders each week on line. Hog roast Sunninghill catering are available seven days a week 24 hours an day and fifty two weeks a year now that is what we call commitment!

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We never refuse work and draft in extra staff if we can’t cope. The people of Sunninghill have really taken well to us and we have done lots of events in the past three years they love hog roasting and we find they come back time and time again for more! Hog roast hire Sunninghill are passionate about our business and want you to give us a try! Visit our website and you can book your event in a few minutes or give us a ring and we can take all your details over the phone. Tell us the date and time of your event tell us if it is inside or out and tell us how many you are catering for that is all we need to know. We give you a price, which you will be flabbergasted by as everyone thinks hog roasting is expensive but it really isn’t! We show you the menu we have created for you and if you are happy we leave you in peace and tell you to forget about the catering side and we then take charge. We arrive nice and early on the day in question we bring our whole team chefs, waitresses and table staff. We are all wearing matching hats and aprons and we all look clean and smart. All our staff are very well mannered and are really friendly. Our chefs get straight to work and have the meat sizzling away in no time they then start with other dishes and really look so impressive! Our waitresses mingle with your guests making sure your guests are served with nibbles and drinks as they wait for the main meal to be cooked, in no time at all the smell is so powerful and it really makes your mouth water! Our table staff lay the tables beautifully and when the meat is cooked they set the food on the table all this watched over by my self or our other manager making sure everything goes like clockwork and to be honest it always does. To many times at parties the host is normally on edge and worries that the day will turn out well and really doesn’t have the enjoyment the other guests have but we make sure you do at our event. You really have nothing to do and so you shouldn’t that is what you pay us for! The only thing we insist you do is take the compliments that you will receive from your guests as you will be the talk of the town for months to come for holding the best party ever!