Hog Roast Swansea

You may not normally put Catherine Zeta Jones and Dylan Thomas together in the same sentence. After all they are quite different characters, in fact some would say that it would not be fair to compare the two. However, they are both well known for their talents and both come from the same Welsh city, that being Swansea.

Swansea is the second most populous city in Wales after the Welsh capital, being home to some two hundred and thirty nine thousand people. That’s a lot of people in this busy corner of South West Wales.

Swansea has its fair share of history stories to tell, in fact Swansea Castle has arguably seen many of these stories firsthand in its nine hundred years. Indeed Swansea Castle has probably seen some of the city’s greatest feasts there. I just wonder how many hog roast Swansea castle evenings there were?

Hog roast Swansea castle events must have been grand affairs and the incredible aromas that must have filtered through the arches and doorways of the castle must have been tremendous. Huge roasts over immense roaring fires in the castle were a common sight no doubt. It is strange why, for so many years, hog roast seemed to disappear from big events in Wales and the UK. Well, maybe the hog roast Swansea years are on the way back.

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Of course, hog roast never really went away but it has certainly not been the commonplace feast of yesteryear. One suspects that our increasing fascination with history has led people to once again look at hog roast as a feast that modern day Swansea should revisit. And quite right too.

The timing for a hog roast renaissance in Swansea could not be better. With a football team performing well in the Premier League, times look good. But hog roast is a feast for lean years, too. It’s a surprisingly affordable option for events and functions where there is a need to feed lots of guests great food at relatively low cost. Hog roast excels at this situation, feeding over one hundred diners easily. If you were planning a Swansea wedding reception or corporate event and were struggling to find a great value, great tasting catering option, a hog roast caterer should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. Hog roast looks incredible, too. What you have to remember is that part of the appeal of hog roast is in the actual preparation and cooking. A hog roast chef is not merely a member of staff: they are carefully tending to the impressive hog roast machine in order to cook your pig to complete perfection.

Hog roast meat is a history lesson in itself. Your first bite of a Swansea hog roast will take you back all those years to Swansea Castle. Now you can really imagine what it must have been like. If you have a fascination for history and a thing for great food then take a leaf out of the Swansea Castle cookery books and make sure your next event is a hog roast event.